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    Why pull 24/7 Nuketown?

      Its well known that this map is possibly the most fun to play of any map on call of duty. Those who dont agree ask yourself why you have it downloaded then cause i know you all do. I have read from a few places of why they pull this playlist but none of the reasons should be a factor, let me now what you think.


      #1 reason: I have read that games on nuketown go too fast and in result you will reach 10th prestige faster than playing their crap maps in other play-list and in result stop playing their game because you get bored. They dont want you to lvl up fast. 


      Rebuttal: Why do they care?? They already got our money why try to keep our attention? The only thing its doing is pissing us off and not giving us what we want.


      #2 reason: They dont want their past call of duty the main focus of their new game. They want you to like their current maps and talk about them rather than BO1


      Rebuttal: Then dont release it and toy with us by giving it to us one weekend when you feel like it.


      #3 reason: The suck the D and do it to piss their fans off


      Rebuttal:Well this is the last Black ops I buy ever because they do not care about their fans



      Because they got so much hate they added the moshpit playlist but would not add nuketown 24/7. They noticed people were still lvling up too fast so they removed that and put nuketown on a 7% chance of showing up in the normal rotation of all gamemodes.



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          Re: Why pull 24/7 Nuketown?

          I think your problem is you think the whole community love nuketown because you do. I think it's a horrible map for any objective gamemode, the spawns are ridiculous. Yes it's size is a gimmick but just a gimmick that dosnt need to be exploited 24/7.

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            Re: Why pull 24/7 Nuketown?

            For one thing everyone has it downloaded because it's a mandatory download...


            And anyway I think Nuketown's fun, but it's definitely a map that I need to take breaks from because it's so fast paced and chaotic.

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              Re: Why pull 24/7 Nuketown?

              It is not the most fun map of any of the CoD's only headless adrenaline monkey's think this because of teh rushing that goes on and how fast the games can be on tdm so more games are played per hour so more exp is gain per hour, so more levels are earned per play session.


              You have to have it downloaded in order to even play the game online, it is a mandatory download. So that is why everyone online has it, not because they like it.


              Plus it was never meant to be a 24/7 map for ever. It is only for special events, like dlc and certain holidays and that is how it always has been even was the same in BO, the first time anyone ever played on the map or seen a 24/7 list show up in the game at all.


              So you can hate 3arc all you want and it will not hurt their feelings at all, nor will they put it back to make you happy again until they want it back, NOT when YOU want it back. And threatening to not buy any more games from them will not make them put it back either. Your threat means nothing to them at all.

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                  Re: Why pull 24/7 Nuketown?

                  Only part about you saying they "never" meant for it to be a 24/7 map is kind of iffy because they did put it up as Nuketown 24/7 at launch for almost a week. They changed their minds, but it's not ridiculous to think that they did at somepoint intend for it to be 24/7, since it was.

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                      Re: Why pull 24/7 Nuketown?

                      That first inital week was a sales gimmick to draw in players, they were never going to allow it stay forever in the game. They just were not ever going to admit to this becaue it would of hurt sales a little. By letting everyong think it would be a long play list it helped drive up the sales at the begining and drive up preorders. It is a gimmick list used when dlc or certain holidays are around to hope to drive up dlc sales. That is its only real purpose of it ever being in the game.


                      If it was in the game all the time, it would not have the same appeal as many people would tire of it and not buy dlc.


                      The 24/7 name was a gimmick a sales trick that many companies used to lure in the foolish. 3arc is no more honorable than any other company, so yes they will stupe to this level to get sales if they think it would help them and records prove it does.


                      I would not be surprised to see it show up in the next game of theirs two in some fashion as another attempt to milk the fools who play it and think it is so great a map.

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                      Re: Why pull 24/7 Nuketown?

                      Actually they do care, if any game devloper does its 3arc more than anyone. Which is why they added moshpit if you had any information on the community. As far as not liking the map, then dont play the 24/7 playlist(That is if they had it). Why not keep it? For those who want to play it. That is what Im asking. Not wheather or not you like it. The fact is a ton of people do so why not keep it?

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                      Re: Why pull 24/7 Nuketown?

                      From what I've been told, there is only so many playlists that can exsist at one time due to memory. I'm sure if they could have an unlimited number of playlists then they would keep Nuketown 24/7 and HC would mirror all core modes.

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