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        190. Re: Hardcore Capture The Flag nerfed

        I agree completely, unless a clan enters a lobby it is just everyone for themselves


        @Ghost the only reason he is trashing it is because OUR gamemode got replaced by it, he wouldn't be trashing it if Dom just got added to the playlist.


        If you're gonna replace a gamemode at least replace it with a gametype similar to ctf...even HC demolition would have been a better replacement than domination. At least then it would be similar gameplay.


        If you hated CTF, then why enter the post? It obviously has nothing to do with you?


        You can't be sorry as you don't know how it effects players that ONLY played CTF because they find every other gamemode unplayable. It basically feels like you buy a great game...play for a few months and then for no reason your console gets banned. So you're basically stuck playing nothing...if gaming is a big outlet for stress from work/home life and your main social point during the work week ITS A BIG DEAL.

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          191. Re: Hardcore Capture The Flag nerfed

          It affects all the hc community to bash other hc games. I'm for more hc modes and I am sorry that ctf and ffa were nerfed. Fighting amongst ourselves serves no purpose.

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            192. Re: Hardcore Capture The Flag nerfed

            Not getting your money back for they do not owe you anything. I guess you never read the back of the box where it says the have every right to change mp in any way they want when ever they want no matter what the players think.

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              193. Re: Hardcore Capture The Flag nerfed

              @kidturbo-1 YOU DIDN'T READ THE TOS?

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                194. Re: Hardcore Capture The Flag nerfed

                HC CTF was the most boring game of all.


                1.) required no communication

                2.) it required no teamwork.

                3.) Everyone plays for kills and not wins by camping the flag.

                4.) It caters to spawn trappers, spawn killers.

                5.) over all game is boring, and required no skill.


                Please remvoe ctf from the entire game forever.

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                  195. Re: Hardcore Capture The Flag nerfed

                  not surprising you posted this.


                  I have over 1500 games played in CTF. I have never been spawn trapped to the extent people exaggerate on forums. People make it out to be that the moment someone grabs a flag, you get camped until the end of the game. This is not the case, never has been, and I doubt it ever will be.


                  Obviously camping the spawn is part of CTF, and its part of ANY respawn based gametype. Demolition, CTF, DOM all suffer fromt his, and they always will. What makes CTF harder is the respawn timer. This works for for and against the gametype. It works for it because if you are getting camped, when you kill 3 of them, you can usually break it. What works against, is when 3-4 of you go down, the entire team has time to run to where you spawn.


                  People who play CTF usually play for the teamwork and communication. I play quite often alone and almost every game I play, people are talking and communicating to win.


                  I just reached my 100th game of DOM over the weekend, again, because I'm trying it out. I have played solo about 50% of my games, and in 0 of these, did I ever hear, "they are grabbing A, help defend, we are down 15, lets grab B and win"


                  The only things I have heard are, "lets grab two so we can spawn trap" "I can't wait for loadstar so they will quit out."


                  if you like huge kill counts, high scorestreaks and tons of action, DOM is for you.

                  If you like long games, battles, communication and teamwork, CTF is for you.

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                    196. Re: Hardcore Capture The Flag nerfed

                    Me spawn killing in CTF.

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                      197. Re: Hardcore Capture The Flag nerfed

                      I'm with you xmrythem - I pretty much played HC CTF ONLY.  I enjoyed the teamwork required to 'win' as a team.  Sure not every game had good team mates but well so what.  I enjoyed the game.  More than the 'arcade' style games that we are left with.  that is why most of us went to the HC style anyways - we wanted something more than just an arcade game.


                      I see that they 'replaced' it maybe because the party line is they only had so many slots available but the problem I have with the replacement is simple.  They have HC Deathmatch and HC Kill Confirmed - to me these games are identical.  People running around from ALL angles shooting.  That is why I enjoyed CTF.  You had 'sides' of the game you had an idea of where the enemy might be and you had a sense of where your teammates might be as well.  NOW it's just everyone running from every direction and that is what I do not like.


                      I guess I will have to go back to battlefield to experience my 'lines' of seperation again. 

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                        198. Re: Hardcore Capture The Flag nerfed

                        I've always been a bit confused on why they keept TDM & KC in the game. They are pretty much the exact same thing, but one forces you to move and collect your kill, the other requires you just to achieve your kill.


                        I don't care what they do, I would just LOVE CTF back. I have since moved to core CTF and it's fine. Core has never bothered me and I have switched just fine. If you're up for some coreCTF let me know i'll pm you my GT.

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                          199. Re: Hardcore Capture The Flag nerfed

                          Dizzie56799 wrote:


                          most of you say that s n d is untouchable. why? this game has the least amount of players. does it not matter to anyone that the least played option is untouchable?

                          Here is a post from the Multiplayer Lead Director himself




                          I know the Hardcore crowd loves Hardcore. I love me some Hardcore Search & Destroy, personally. You are a small enough community where I feel like I know some of you personally.


                          The problem here is that not every gamemode playable in a hardcore variant has sufficent enough traffic to warrant having it's own playlist.





                          Since SND is his personal favorite it is ost likelynot going anywhere.


                          As much as I lvoe Treyarch WaW and BO1...they screwed up BO2.  It was almost good but the lack of HC modes when they said ther would be even more and the casualization of the game just made it it less fun than it's predecessors....luckily Treyarch added bots for offlne 4 player splitscreen play and botscan play objective, plus you can ply a hardcore variant of ANY mode offline. Offline multplayer options are the only reason I still have this game.

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