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      • 180. Re: Hardcore Capture The Flag nerfed

        Hey guys, how bout ya all keep your fingers off the keyboard and leave the game as it was designed, advertised, sold, and played by everyone for months??


        I understand bug fixes are sometimes needed and map pack releases are welcomed, but when you start using the delete key to remove thing like CTF, your gonna piss some people off. Ya did the same thing in MW3 and then released Black Ops II a month later. Because of that I refused to buy any updates, and damn glad I didn't give ya a extra dime....


        In fact, I'd like my money back for the game!!!


        Like most of the members in our clan, and many others I often play against, CTF was the primary reason for purchasing this game. So now that ya saw fit to mess it up, cough up the cash to refund all of us you've offended. Shouldn't be a problem, not many played CTF correct?? So please post how to claim our refund and I'll mail mine back ASAP.. Also will take a refund on MW3 for same reasons.


        I'll await your reply, and my check for $100..... A-Holes..



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          i feel the same pal they hae ****** the game my clang has all gon in had 15 ppl in our clang and there is only me and my best frend left i sent over 100 pound for blackn ops 2 game and map pck for ctf and the games they left us are wank they will never bring it back the twats

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            Treyarch didnt make MW3. If you're going to demand something, at least have the intelligence to do it to the correct people. When you purchased said game (from either developer) you agreed to the terms and services for content which is explained could be change at anytime without your consent. Not trying to knock you down a peg, but at least speak from an informed state of mind when expressing your frustration. Not doing so kills any credibility of the complaint.

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              My clan and I are heated too. HCCTF was our most popular and basically only game mode. Our team of 6 each had over 1500 captures. I'll admit we would spawn kill from time to time and we figured it for all the maps but we can easily prove how good we were by capping the flag in 30 to 40 seconds if one of our guys got booted for team killing or in overtime.


              In response to a post I saw earlier. UAV's are earned and the mini map in core is a given. HUGE difference!


              All in all good times and a bit foolish of me to purchase the season pass.


              ^^^Also the guy above is the moderator and a bit of a douche. Get a life. You mad BRAH!


              First and last response to this forum. 

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                There are no refunds for video games just because you don't like the game. There has to be something actually broken (shipped with broken or blank disk) and there isn't.

                • 185. Re: Hardcore Capture The Flag nerfed

                  I have was not into cod and my nephew got me into it. on cod 1 and then 2. I was then very into it. when elite became an option. I was all in. I then was all in up till the pre-release of bo2.  The place that was taking re order told me yes you can order what was like the hardened edition and would come with the map pack expansions. so i paid 20.00 extra for the collectors edition. wow a tin and and 2 coins that are worthless . then i get to playing hcctf. for the biggest reasons of all. I am a vet. I know it doesn't take a clip to kill someone, also the game time is long per round. I got hooked and even bought season pass and camos. wow. I have way too much money in a a game that now is full of campers or noob tubers. most of you say that s n d is untouchable. why? this game has the least amount of players. does it not matter to anyone that the least played option is untouchable? also, keep charging and keep charging people. I have come to the conclusion all you are is a huge waste of my money. One last note is that I stopped playing mw3 for a long time, for the reason of me buying the map packs and my xbox going bad, had to get a new one you I had to rebuy them a second time since it wasn't for the same xbox. i called and talked with customer support and all i got was sorry........ don't know why you do but you will have to pay for them again. what needs to be done is ask your gamers. get thier opinon and do something about it. i must apoligize for typos it is kind of hard to type great since a war injury. ty. hope some changes besides my wallet and then you taking what some of us ptsd vets use as an escape away.

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                    HC SND has been my main gamemode since MW2.  It may have less players than ever, but the gamemode is most likely here to stay.

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                      Bump...i havent been on Black Ops 2 since the update removed HC CTF, i tried domination...multiple matches..and every lobby was the same...tubes and grenades everywhere. Every other gamemode except SND is horrible ... core especially and SND wait times are horrid when you die so i don't play it often...


                      Seeing as though no HC CTF threads are on the front page...im assuming it has been brought back? or does it remain that treyarch are still dissappointing me by removing the only game mode i like to play and people have just given up because they don't care about minority gamers and only listen to the constant complainers?


                      I rarely come into the forums and post anymore as the devolpers generally do a good job fixing bugs ect. So i don't need to complain and have been happy with most fixes they have done. But this was a huge leap in the opposite direction, which is why i've been posting about it.

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                        HC DOM is by far the most boring gametype in the game.


                        1. It requires 0 communication

                        2. It requires 0 teamwork

                        3. Everyone in HC DOM is playing for kills not wins

                        4. It caters to spawn trappers more than HC CTF EVER did

                        5. Overall gameplay is lackluster and boring.


                        Please bring back HCCTF

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                          Just cause you don't like hc domination doesn't mean you gotta trash it. Its the devs fault for not adding more hc slots. I hated ctf but was sad to see it go cause I know others in the hardcore world loved it. I enjoy domination and so do many others. Sorry you guys lost ctf.

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