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    nuketown in hardcore  do you like it?

      since its double xp I started playing a new account but went right into hckc. I've only played nuketown on hc in this mode so far but damn how do make it  without being team killed on it and without camping your ass off inside one of the houses? lmg spam allways seems to get me from team mates or just some tard firing his shot gun at every turn he makes because the spawns are allways flipping. I think the last one I played the whole team  got kicked before finishing the game. People getting kicked left and right with new players joining right after.      I got kicked for dropping a LS on the other teams spawn. I fogot to change the default streaks, anyway though it should be safe dropping it in there spawn as I was in ours and watched a team mate spawn there and the team sniper who allways sits in that damn corner was there also. but I was wrong. got a fury kill and three team mates with it lol. guess the other three where spawn trapping.



      To me the map seems way to tight for hc games unless you stay inside, not something you can do in kc unless your just trying to kill farm most of the match.