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    How to get more subscribers on YouTube?

      Hi guys


      Iv just started doing videos again after a brief stage in MW3 and borderlands 2 last year of doing some I abandoned it after a free trial of Sony Vegas expired. Iv recently got a full version of adobe premiere pro installed so decided to start doing videos again.


      Now I know I'm not going to get a million viewers overnight and I know it takes years of dedication to build up a big following. I also know that there's loads and loads of people who are doing the same thing which makes it harder to get noticed.


      However iv only just started iv got about 9 subscribers and a good few video views just to start off. It's far from a massive amount but its a good start. So I was just wondering if any one has made it bigger on here and if so has any advice or tricks of how they get there videos noticed more.


      I'm aware of all the tips regarding putting "" signs to group words in the title and putting a good description up as well as plenty of good tags. Anyone got any other advice for me?


      Also anyone know where I can get a good intro made up too?


      Thanks In advance



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