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      So how many shots does it take with pdw? Somtimes it 2 sometimes it 12... I just followed somone and 36hits i got on them before they turned around and killed me!!! So is it 38. Its just getting unplayable somtimes

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          3-6 shots, if they hit.

          Also, lag can make that number considerably higher if your connection to the other person is poor

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            proof you shot someone 36x ?

            seems a tad unlikely, even with the most severe lag i ever seen

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              I will agree something is far worse with connections this morning. I am being killed by 2-3 bullets and getting countless hit markers also. I know the killcam is not 100% accurate but when I watch them I have already rounded a corner and laid prone and I just die with no damage warning and never heard a gunshot, and even if they were suppressed I was close enough to them I would have heard it. The killcam shows them getting hitmarkers literally 3-5 feet to the side of my body consistently that should no means be in my hitbox. The last two days have been fine but today is horrible. Checked my connection and all is fine. Who knows.....

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                Once playing search I was killing a bomb defuser and for kicks I wanted to see how many bullets it would take since I was lagging. I went right up to him( no more then 2 ft away) and quickly single shot the guy with the an-94. I had to put 7 bullets/hitmarkers into him before killing him and ending the round. It showed in the kill cam as well. But that's online gaming. Deal with it or don't play.

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                  Keep in mind, when it only takes a couple of bullets to kill the enemy, its quite possible they were suffering damage from already being hit by someone else.