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    Tactical Gaming is recruiting!

      PS2, CS:S, GE:S, TF2, ARMA 2, MW3, COD4, BF3, BF2, BF 2142, XBOX 360, PS3, Airsoft, Paintball


      We host all our own servers, but any ranked servers we do not host


      Tactical Gaming is a professional LLC with over 10+ years of leadership, and a core of members who are dedicated to making Tactical Gaming a great community to be a part of. We are one of the oldest gaming communities that are alive to date. The dedication of our members and leaders is what makes Tactical Gaming what it is today. If you are interested in joining our ranks please join us in our public TeamSpeak 3 to have a chat with our members, and register for free on our forums. If you have the heart and dedication like our current members you will be a perfect fit for our community.


      We host multiple game servers, and coordinate airsoft and paintball events around the world. The only thing we ask of our members is that you show respect, follow our Code of Ethics, and wear the tags in-game. Most importantly have fun, and enjoy the games.


      Tactical Gaming was established in 1999 and has held a steady group of core members that continue to operate. Stats and numbers do not make a gaming community; it is the members and the attitude of the people who are in it. We promote the values of loyalty, duty, respect, selfless service, honor, integrity, and personal courage in Tactical Gaming. Even some of our leaders are former or current service members. Join our ranks to see for yourself how a small name has become so big.


      We are Tactical Gaming.


      Cooperative Gaming and Sports Community




      Apply today!


      Tactical Gaming LLC is looking for Serious Gamer's for our Online Divisions We are building our TEAMS now for MLG, BOE, CAL, CEVO, TWL and ESEA Also Tactical Gaming Sports is seeking LEADERS who want to lead our Air Soft and Paint Ball Teams to Victory in the 2013 Finals. Space is limited please see our website for more information.


      Please email myself JAMES.NASH@TACTICALGMAING.ORG or USAsports@tacticalgaming.org


      Thanks for reading.



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          We are still looking for members, just come and fill out a application.

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              We are proudly to announce that we have several airsoft/paintball teams around the world.  If you would like to join a airsoft/paintball team, please take a look at the Join the Tactical Gaming Paintball or Airsoft Team topic on are fourms.


              On another note, we would like active members in our community. If you are going to join, all we ask of you is to join in on the on the conversation and talk with us on TeamSpeak every couple of days.

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                  We have two new announcements to make,


                  We are looking in an untapped gaming community, the tablet gaming community. You might think that we are kidding but, we see something there.


                  We are also looking forward to the next gen consoles. When they hit store shelves we will integrate them into are community.

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                Tactical Gaming LLC has a wide varity of things to offer, from game servers, to a friendly community, what ever you are looking for, I am sure we have it. Dont be affraid to ever email me or KYLE.VAN-RYN@TACTICALGAMING.ORG for more detain, or even just a friendly chat, hope to hear from some of you amazing people out there

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                    Its that time of the year again, easter just finishing up, new games, and choclate being announced so why not grab a chance at joining TG LLC and get in on the fun while you still can and also have people ready to play games at almost any given time.

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                    Hello everyone, TG just did a massive update and we would like you guys to be apart of it, so sign up today while you can. As of May1st we will have a whole new list of jobs/areas you will be able to apply to, however you will have need to be proven to be a loyal member, sign up now and by then some of those roles will become available to you!

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                      Hello guys and gals, the site has now changed (again) as well as new roles and leadership positions avaliable, so come and join us today!

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                          Hello everyone, TG has done some major updates, including new divisions as well as discussion of many new ones, so sign up today, show some interest in a division which may be released, and join in on the fun, the new and improved site is www.tg99.org