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    Host is the best position to be in?

      So I'm sure a lot of you may have seen Tmartn's video earlier this week where he attempted to explain Lag Compensation and Networking in Black Ops 2. He eventually concluded that the best position to be in is hosting the lobby. Whilst logically this SHOULD be the case, there must be something wrong with the way Treyarch have implemented lag comp into this game as hosting is nearly always a terrible experience. I have asked all the people I regularly play with aswell and they all agree that when hosting they do considerably worse and feel like they have far more cheap deaths.


      I understand that Lag Comp has been in every CoD game and is in every Multiplayer game in general, but this game has problems that far exceed any other, from my experience anyway. I know some people have no problems with this game and I'm happy that they can enjoy it as it was meant to be enjoyed, but myself and others I've spoken to have terrible experiences with this game.


      Back to the issue of hosting, I was given host yesterday after a migration, and later on in that game I literally could not get a hitmarker on this one guy who was within touching distance. It's ridiculous. Lag Comp seems to be too extreme on the host putting them behind the majortiy of players. I guess that explains why there are far more host migrations through the host rage quitting than in any other game/


      Here's the clip of the gameplay aforementioned: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XpyOqx_w5Wg


      What are your guys experiences with hosting?