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    Mind blowing zombies theory

      Well,this is my first post on the forums,so I hope it doesn't get to much hate,but I may have uncovered the biggest plot twist in Call of duty history. My theory in a nutshell? The entire zombies plot and all the mapsk,except verruckt,are a hallucination/dream. My theory is this,one of the playable soldiers from verruckt,i am going to call him x,left the army after world war 2 and after his event at verruckt. After X left the army,he returned to New York and began a mafia there. He did something that angered the Russian mafia extremely. After that,a member of the Russian mafia was contacted by The men who developed N.O.V.A 6. He was told to kidnap some people to send to wherever he was to test N.O.V.A 6. So the Russians kidnapped a couple of people,including X. However,when they started to begin testing on X,they learned that X had a rare genitic resistance to N.O.V.A 6. They sent X back to america after coming to the conclusion he was a useless test subject. He began to start re-taking control of his mafia. However,the exposure to Nova 6 caused him to start going insane. now,by then he had mostly forgotten what had happened at verruckt,but his brain caused him to remember what had happened at verruckt,now,since he is a gangster he has guns,then he started hallucinating that random people are zombies,so he would start shooting anything he thought was a zombie due to his insanity. However the zombie project was shut down years before he started hallucinating. He became number 1 on the most wanted list. When all this happened it was the middle of the cold war,so he started hallucinating that Russia and America had launched into nuclear war,he also hallucinated that the entire world was launched into nuclear war,which would explain why china was destoyed in die rise. However,china was never destroyed. The police finally catch X and he is arrested for murder. He protests that he thought he was shooting zombies and the police laugh at him. However he is hallucinating when they laugh,so he thinks it is the laughing you hear at the end of games when playing zombies. He is sent to a prison/mental facility that is built like a skyscraper in chinatown in New York. However,he thinks he is where die rise takes place,and hallucinates that the guards are zombies and those things that look like gas crawlers that you have to fight every 5 rounds in die rise. So X manages to get a gun and starts a revolt,but he thinks he is shooting zombies. Keep in mind that alcatraz is still a functioning prison during this time. After the guards stop the revolt,they lock X up in maximum security,which would explain why you hear footsteps and cell doors slamming at the end of die rise. After the prison offcials decide to send X to alcatraz,they put him on a prison bus heading for california to send him to alcatraz. However,the bus travels where police have made roadblocks in ghost towns so X doesn't hallucinate about zombies and hurt innocent people. He somehow manages to start another revolt,hallucinates about zombies and starts shooting cops. The cops rush the bus,and thats why  the "zombies" chase the bus. They finally get X to alcatraz,but the entire time,he still had the Nova 6 chemicals left inside him,which has been destroying his genitic resistance,then he passes out,wakes up,and says that he felt like he died,which explains the afterlife mode. Then he hallucinates that the guards are zombies,and that the island has been destroyed by the nuclear war I talked about earlier. Then he makes a plan to escape by flying a plane off the island,which sets the stage for Mob of the dead.


      I still have some things to explain.


      Perk-a-colas: Drugs he got from the mafia mixed in with soda and other drinks.


      Mystery box:A box in which his mafia would put in a random gun.


      The zombies charecters:All just random people that X hallucinated about.


      The maps:All the map jumping can be explained by the hallucination. The mind is unpredictable,it could take the hallucination to anywhere in the world.


      Power-ups:All things that happen during the revolts were just confused by his insanity.



      Thanks for your time,and this is my first post so please don't hate on it.