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      Is this EE still glitched? read it was after patch. always get stuck on Kraus Refib bit.Got quote from Maxis for blood sacrifice and then reincarnation one after 4 rounds of killing but then no more quotes. Shot the floor with knife, shot the buddhas with knife, revived Russman with Refib (with and without Who's Who). NOTHING. Is it screwed?


      Might have to take Richtofen's side


          Tried this last week a bunch of times. It is glitched. The part with killing the zombies you need to kill groups of them at once but so it as close to the Buddhas on the wall as possible.


            One of our members flyingplaytapus found a way to make it work you might try private messaging him and get him to tel you


              If you have done Maxis' side before then I don't think you can do it again, the first time I did the EE I did Richtofen's side, I tried helping a mate out and we could not do Richtofens side. But however if not I don't know as our Maxis side worked all we had to do was revive Russman while he was in Who's Who.

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                  You have to do one then the other to go back to do the first one again. Back and forth. If you already completed an EE and want to help it needs to be don in a private match and after the game starts the person having already completed the EE needs to join. That's after the game starts. ( join in slightly late) so it doesn't register that some already has it. I don't think you'll see the achievement unlock but those that haven't will. There was also talk about since the patch you can only do one or the other. Can't do both. 

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                  All you have to do is...

                  Russ to go down in buddah room with who's who

                  Sam to revive him with pap balistic.

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                    I did it Yesterday for Maxis, soooo easy. Just wondering, did you bring the two balls with you to the Buddha room for the killing? And did the guy holding one of the balls have the Kraus refirbrittaror? Thats how we did it, My friends had the balls and went for the box to get balistics. Im guessing thats what you missed.

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                        I'm pretty sure it's glitched cause whenever I do it, he says Reincarnation is the way forward immediately after we go to the Buddha room and we stay a couple rounds and then go for the knifes and if it doesn't work we put them back in the box and let someone else get them. By then its around round 25 when we actually get it to work and then the other steps are impossible at those rounds cause the people I play with usually die at this point

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                        A couple days ago we got to the blood sacrafice step at round 8 and started killing zombies in Budda room. We went until round 23 and still haden't finished the step, it was so darn frustrating.

                        Today we finally finished the Maxis EE. What we did differently was to NOT pick up the balls before the blood sacrafice.

                        If your getting stuck try not picking up the balls until your ready to put them onto the tramplesteam.

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                          Yeah, been trying to do his side for weeks.  It's really hit or miss.  The usual problem we run into is having the blood sacrifice take foreverrrr.  However, one time it took only three rounds and we were done by round 11.  Last time we tried, we were in the Buddha room for 9 rounds before he gave us the cue to get the ballistic knife!! By that time it had been like 2 hours and some jerkoff rage quit.


                          I really gotta find some new, dedicated PS3 zombies players.  Every random we end up with has the attention span of a goldfish..

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                            it is glitched...i learned this the hard way lol...i did it twice...once pre and finally again once post patch...




                            maxis rambles off like 5 qoutes in a row after sniping the balls and sometimes says the "yes we need more blood" or whatveer that quote is...even if oyu arent killing zombies in the buddah room...blah blah blah


                            long story short...


                            1. grab the balls after sniping them


                            2. grab a rpg  or stickys....have someone run a train in the buddah room...have the other 3 sitting up top....wait for a insta kill (someone should get one from killing the zombies that spawn and chase them on that above ledge)...then kill that train all at once...itll cause a massive blood explosion and the next wuote should come.


                            3. get ther knives PaP'd and shoot anywhere in that room...no one needs to be down....we had Stu do it....so just have Stu do it lol


                            then just do the tramp ball flick thing to power the tower...then punch the tower post in the order of the tiles

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                              anyone wanna party up on ps3 and do it? rollingpanda666

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                                i tired about 2 days ago and it didnt work i was so mad. so yea its still glitched just like the damn elevator shaft you jump down and it somehow knocks you down. Tryarch seems like they wont ever fix it smh

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                                  I was finally able to complete the Maxis side post patch the other day with a great team. The signal that got us to think it wouldn't glitch was the quotes after shooting the balls out of the dragons mouth. If they are in the right order, I think you have a good chance of completing it.


                                  Before we finished it a couple of days ago we tried a few days before that and the quotes where out of order. We continued on and even got the PaP quote for the Ballistic knives. However when we got to the Buddha room nothing would work, shooting the ground, the Buddha, reviving Russman holding the balls nothing.


                                  So the order of the quotes seem to be a signal as to it glitching or not. Not sure if anyone else has noticed this or can confirm or deny this.


                                  Inventive Denial gives the order of the quotes and a breakdown of their meaning halfway down the following discussion:


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                                    we did the maxis side 3 or 4 days ago...MicOrGTFO....check my theater if you can...it should be one of the most recent games....one of the guys with us didnt have the tranzit EE done so we did it right after....so itll be the video before the most recent tranzit match lol

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                                      All 4 players must kill a zombie at the same instant for the blood sacrifice. If not you can kill zombies for 50 rounds and never get it.

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                                        done the Maxis EE yesterday with my friends. Ww dint hear the " Enough enough ..." commments in the Buddha room after 5 rounds , so I just went to buy the ballistic knife, PAPed it and just shoot in the floor and Dr Maxis starts to talk again...luck maybe?  


                                        Also we only managed to find 5 of the mahjong tiles , the tile on the table at spawn area was not there along with the power room tiles. so we did the gravelknuckles stuff for 4 round as need to trial and error but finally did get the achievement 

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                                          Sorry man, I had the thing working for awhile, but it seems that every time they mess with something they break maxis ee on die rise somehow. I have wrote a post about this a month ago and another post a week later on the correct steps of maxis ee. Good luck everyone this ee is in fact broken.

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                                              We tried balls in and balls out as above... i would have thought you do need to take them straight after you've shot them out of the dragon's mouths as this is the point when you take sides...sliquified balls - richtofen... balls out - maxis and we got loads of quotes at this point....


                                              during the blood sacrfice bit there are there only two quotes , cos you can't hear what he is saying due to gunfire and explosions... we got the long one that apparently says 'more blood' straight away the three rounds later we heard the radio noise and him talking but couldn't tell what he said (it was a short sentance) then assumed it was Refib Reincanation bit... is there another more blood maybe or something else??? we didn't get any quotes when we got knife from box either and i know there is one for that re 'don't lose it'.......


                                              do you get extra fireworks on the dragons back at Refib point that would indicate success....??


                                              might try again tonight then give up....


                                              will have to go back and switch sides on Tower of Babble too assuming there is going to be something BIG at the end of the 4th DLC depending on which side you're on......

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                                                  IT WORKS! DONE MAXIS SIDE. No glitching. Maybe it was fixed in patch 1.09. Picked up balls just after we shot them. Downed Russman with Who's Who in Buddha room revived by Stu with Kraus. All worked fine. We gave ourselves a head start by picking up lift keys so we could sync standing on lift symbols easier but then it took about 20000 points to get Ballistic, so those You Tube vids which said the game knows you're doing the EE and makes it easier to get the box knife are talking crap....!