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        450. Re: GOOD GAMES THREAD

        Good Games NOOKIE,, I was trying to get you in with Tyler and EVILSTEVE( ANOLDGUY) we need you to be able to skype and add our FC's ok     

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          451. Re: GOOD GAMES THREAD

          what is tubing and what if i dont have skype?   thanks

          Last Edited: Mar 25, 2013 3:21 PM
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            452. Re: GOOD GAMES THREAD

            its a cheap kill with greanade launcher attachment... a beginners choice.. a bit of an overkill.

            like bringing a gun to a knife fight


            if you dont skype it doenst help me , I am legally blind and need comms to help play the game ,, I lost most of my vision over a year ago.


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              453. Re: GOOD GAMES THREAD

              good games to A_Stoner . thanks for adding me ...

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                454. Re: GOOD GAMES THREAD

                Right back at ya Jack...

                Damn Good Games with...



                Missy's P90


                And many others i've gotten my Thrills with n against.

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                  455. Re: GOOD GAMES THREAD

                  Hey Stoner. sorry I went out of town for a few days and couldnt take my wii ,, LOL


                  Did ya get ya skype hooked up ? if ya need help just send me a private message and I can help ya ok ,,,


                  Lookin forwaed ta gamin some more with ya ,,, add my other profiles to your list , I play on 4 of them 2,3,4, and 5 ok

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                    456. Re: GOOD GAMES THREAD

                    Well I had some pretty good games taday with EVILSTEVE... got a few more headshots done with the MP 44 working on get another gold AK-47 , actually I am working on getting it on all 5 profiles , I got it on 2 of them going on my third...


                    Seen NOOKIE out today on Showdown but he hasnt re-added me back yet ... oh well ,,, with a little more communication we could have been a good team... still waiting for that coffee and donut buddy... in regards to tubing your one of the best...

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                      457. Re: GOOD GAMES THREAD

                      Some Damn Good Games tonite with A_Stoner !!!! Nice job out there buddy !!!


                      Fricken Tubers were out in Full Force though ,,, fricken TETO some B!tch got me a few times and that Tavi too...

                      Last Edited: Apr 7, 2013 10:40 PM
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                        458. Re: GOOD GAMES THREAD

                        I had some nice games with Jackasmo.

                        Again there were many noobtubers but that didn't stop us



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                          459. Re: GOOD GAMES THREAD

                          Yeah we did pretty Damn Good out FaKe !!! at first I got off to a bad start then the signal got better when I got host. You on the other hand did well in every game, nice ratio's,,, Thanks for getting skype on then we tore em up !!! still a ton of tubers though , does my head in ,,,


                          Good Games goes to NOOKIEMONSTA as well... When we were on the same team we won every game...

                          When were were opposed it was hard to beat ya !!! Good job NOOKIE... you're still pending on my FC list...

                          Last Edited: Apr 9, 2013 5:09 AM
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