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    Seeking competitive team/ XBOX

      Ok I have reached master prestige & diamond guns that I want so now pubs are just plain BORING! I really don't want to do the same crap everytime I play the game, pub stomp a bunch of thumbless, mindless, noobs, so I would like to expand my skills in competitive gaming! I don't mind doing some pub stomping but need to get into league play! What I am looking for & will only accept is: people who have competitive experience that can help me raise my game! A little disclaimer as well, I have a CRAP connection & can't get better so I will "lose" gunfights that...well...I don't! I really want to build a mindset of true competitive gamers instead of just playing pubs & being able to get away w/ mistakes, want to eliminate all that! If interested in helping me achieve my goal, my GT is eXtorti0nz (last o is a zero)! Stats are SPM:367 KD:1.86 WL:.51 (a lot of backing out of games already over)  Thank you for reading & any consideration given!!