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    Uprising Official Trailer

      Ladies and Gentlemen... discuss.



      Ok, so after watching through it... I personally am excited. Love that interactivity is coming back in some of these DLC maps.


      Studio looks amazing to me, but then I was a fan of Firing Range and I love the movie Biz.


      Encore I am not sure about, looks pretty circular and open and haven't had much luck on maps like those.


      Vertigo... again not sure. We'll see if they get the high-rise theme right in this one, seems to have been overdone in the series.


      Magma I am excited about because I love interactive elements and will enjoy watching folks get swallowed up by the Lava. Good stuff.


      I don't play Zombies, but love the idea and concept... and that they brought in experienced Mob Movie actors to add personality to it.


      Looking forward to 4/16! What are your thoughts?

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