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    Beginner Question about  Higher Scorestreaks

      Good day fellow players.


      Since the last time I posted ( for reference: http://community.callofduty.com/message/414029216#414029216), I´ve gotten much better at the game (at least I aim properly now hehe). I finally got Gold on my PDW and I´m currently (and slowly) working my way thru the QBB and the M27 among others.


      My question for today is about Survivability and higher Scorestreaks. While now I can die less and maintain a positive balance at the end of the match (averaging between 15 and 25 kills and 5 to 10 deaths), I was wondering if the great players out there might have some advice or recommendations on how to survive longer in order to start investing in Higher Scorestreaks. Regardless of loadout, I normally use UAV, HK and Lightning Strike because I don´t usually stay alive long enough to achieve higher Scorestreaks.


      So to summarize:


      1. Any tips of recommendations regarding how to die even less?


      2. If I do survive, how do you guys achieve the higher streaks succesfully?


      3. A bit offtopic but, I managed to bump my KD to 0.77, which while not impressive, i think shows improvement. What do you guys do in general to achieve higher KD ratios?


      Thank you all in advance.


      PS: If anyone can refer me to a good beginner clan, that would be much appreciated.

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          Re: Beginner Question about  Higher Scorestreaks

          Stick to the outside of the maps, keep your playstyle suited to the gun you have, ie. don't run down long hallways with a shotgun, don't play maps like hijacked with a AR, don't get in long distance gun fights with a SMG. I say use the VSAT as your lowest scorestreak if you want to get the higher onex, althouth the VSAT doesn't guarantee your higher streaks because you will run into the occasional shotgun, pistol, QS'er who will kill you no matter how many bullets you put into them. I also say set up your gunfights so that you're at an advantage, if that means shooting from behind cover, shooting th eenemy in the back, staying in the dark, etc. If the enemy can't see you, he can't kill you.

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            Re: Beginner Question about  Higher Scorestreaks

            Don't play hardcore

            Don't play TDM


            KC - Run like a fool and collect tags.  When you see you went on a good run,  slow down and play cautious/reserved... most people do the reverse (or too much caution all the time)


            Hardpoint - get on, then GET OFF!!!  find some good places that allow you to protect yourself and kill people going for it.  If the enemy caps it, kill them (HP kill) then re-cap (200pts)


            Domination - Cap B and sit your ass there (hard to do by yourself). Every kill you get is a defend.  if it is too hectic, move back and when the enemy tries to cap it, kill them for a defend kill!


            And finally... remember nothing works everytime.

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              Re: Beginner Question about  Higher Scorestreaks

              VSAT is key, once that goes up there's really no excuse for not getting your higher Streaks. In KC you don't need much maybe 4 kills, 4 confirms, and a few denies. Use EMP grenades. You get 50pts per assist, 50pts per equipment destroyed, and I think 200 points if you destroy a Sentry or Guardian.


              If you want higher Streaks run with a bigger party of people who like to spam support Streaks. For instance at least 4 people in my group usually run CUAV and VSAT. One usualy spams UAVs. This makes the game so much easier. Once one VSAT goes up we all can then get ours and they stay up for the rest of the match

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                Re: Beginner Question about  Higher Scorestreaks

                Thank you for taking the time to reply, fellas. I try to keep myself well versed on strats, i have a few YouTube subscriptions that have helped me a lot, but your tips are gonna be applied tonight, and hopefully will help me. Please keep 'em coming, nothing is going to waste!


                As a side note, I've heard and seen countless players who recommend sticking to one place and kinda make it your own, moving back and forth or sideways thru a very specific area. I have tried it once or twice but never really made a conscious choice of playing that way, but I'd like to see if it's a playstyle you guys share. I think I've seen some videos from either Ghamorra or FriendlyCODPlayer that kinda use this technique sorta.

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                    Re: Beginner Question about  Higher Scorestreaks

                    I'd suggest just to get you used to moving to higher streaks to start with the HK (or Hellstorm), Lightening Strike and then VSAT (or whatever other higher streak you want).  Since you are already used to getting the first two, it won't be as hard to get the last one because the lower two will help you build to it.  Running Hardline often will shave a kill or two off of what's needed to get a VSAT.  So consider that but don't give up something more useful to you (such as Blind Eye) just to run it.  Also keep in mind that if you are playing an Objective mode like DOM, the reward for playing the objective is substantial.  Enemy flag caps and the B flag are always worth 200 points or 2 kills towards your scorestreak.  So if you cap two enemy flags then you only need 8 kills to get a VSAT.  Cap 3 enemy flags and you only need 6 kills which is less than it took to get your Lightening strike.  However, if you are going to be an aggresive flag capper, I would suggest going with Flak, Toughness, and Tack Mask (and I like Blind Eye too) because the lethals and tacticals will be coming at you.


                    Edit:  As the player movement question goes.  Yes it works but you have to be very wary of the fact that the more people that you kill from any given spot, the more people will know where to find you and you can easily get overrun.  The trick is to get your kills and then cautiously move on to a new position.  Preferably one that gives you a line of sight on the flanking route to your old position so that you can pick off some of those guys looking for a revenge kill.  So when you are watching those videos pay attention to where they moved to and consider why they went that way as opposed to some other direction.  Teamate positions, enemy spawns/routes/playstyle and cover have alot to do with deciding where to go next.

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                      Re: Beginner Question about  Higher Scorestreaks

                      You're subscribed to me on YouTube?

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                      Re: Beginner Question about  Higher Scorestreaks

                      If you're not great with your gun try playing something like domination or demolition.  There are plenty of points available in objective modes without having to always win gunfights.  Select scorestreaks that will earn you kills.  For example sentry gun, war machine and AGR.  These help win the match as well as keep you from going negative without having to try too hard.


                      Some perks that will help:


                      Blind eye will stop those annoying hunter drone deaths, and protect you if the enemy gets a swarm.

                      Flak Jacket will obviously help out against all types of explosives.

                      Scavenger is dead handy if you combine with something like EMPs and Betties, earning you valuable points for very little effort.

                      Engineer enables you to see a death coming and prevent it, as well as let you know where a good points haul is for those EMPs.


                      Remember there is no need to rush in CoD, take it steady, watch the radar for red dots (but not obsessively) and keep a look out for skulls which show a team mate death meaning there is likely an enemy close by or one that has that area of the map covered.


                      As RLBL said, always keep in mind that nothing works everytime!

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                        Re: Beginner Question about  Higher Scorestreaks

                        TRUST NO ONE, the minute you decide that your teammates will cover an area or help you is when you make your first mistake trust me it happened all the time until I stopped.


                        Be smart, If you know an area is empty or filled with action be careful, don't run head first into it stick by your teammates or a seperate area, either way it will allow you to know if enemies are coming towards you.

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