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        10. Re: The real reason to PTFO in domination.

        People call me a killwhore but i realize if i'm playing with randoms or it's a close game I need to hang out by the B flag, I'll usually defend the flag and then lookout so my teammates can cap it. I do usually finsh with 4 caps not including my home flags. The way some people just completely ignore the objective is embarassing though.

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          11. Re: The real reason to PTFO in domination.

          I don't think you got the sarcasm, maybe thats my fault. I think self center people made up the role of slayer so when they play TDM in a objective g

          Based game they can say they were helping the team.

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            12. Re: The real reason to PTFO in domination.



            The slayer is not doing anything if all he is doing is running into the enemy spawn trying to kill them. All that does is flip the spawns which often result the team having only 1 cap or being dominated.


            A better setup would be:


            1-2 capper/defenders going for the base flag. The rest of the team moving towards B and holding off the other team by setting up the choke control points (and never advancing into the enemy spawn).  Then the 1-2 cap/defenders move in behind to cap B.


            If done right, the "slayers" could have some higher streaks building, and the cap/defenders should be throwing up UAVs/HKs at this point.


            When a "slayer" goes down, the cap defenders move in that direction and the downed slayer takes up the rear and repositions. The cap defenders back to the center.


            Then to be fair, in the next game.. people trade roles.


            This basic way of playing almost guarantees a win, but it requires coordination.

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              13. Re: The real reason to PTFO in domination.

              If we can get a full party you need to join us for some DOM which I know is your favorite. I don't like to play unless I have at least 5 people. Having two randoms usually means we have two guys who just rush the spawn

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                14. Re: The real reason to PTFO in domination.

                I am reminded of someone we were playing against last night who went 8-6 in KC and lost, but was still bragging that he went positive..


                *shaking head*


                I have played with people who would shout out in their mics that they were never going for the cap (this was hardpoint)


                *shaking head*

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                  15. Re: The real reason to PTFO in domination.

                  You guys call me a slayer so heres my thinking, and btw you can ask Lucina, Drew, Ghamorra, and Ego if they like playing Dom with me and I'm sure they will. The thing you don't realize about slayers is that they make your life a lot easier, by killing the people that would kill you, a good example is on Turbine, if my team is planning on capping I'll go behind the people on the other team that are camping in the turbine by B, if I have time I'll get to the flag, but even if I don't get on it I'm still playing the obj, because theres no way you guys kill three poeple that are camping in the Turbins and then get the flag cap, instead what you'll do is die and feed the other team streaks, all while I'm working towards my VSAT which I can throw up which will either make it easier for us to get B or to hold it.

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                    16. Re: The real reason to PTFO in domination.

                    Its important to have at least two slayer minded players on your team. They're the ones that do all the heavy lifting if they're smart enough. Granted you have slayer minded people who can't differentiate between TDM and DOM and that results in some bad games.


                    But if the slayer plays with the mindset that he needs to suppress the enemy from 'B' then you're going to have easy caps and a ton of Streaks to put up

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                      17. Re: The real reason to PTFO in domination.

                      I agree, and that is the type of player I am, if I'm playing with randoms and trying to complete a challenge I might kill whore but normally the sole intent of my killing is to either help us get B or to keep them off B, which it seems a lot of people can't understand.

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                        18. Re: The real reason to PTFO in domination.

                        I am all in.


                        Sometimes all it takes is 1 person to totally mess things up.


                        Example (from MW3): playing on (oh crap I cannot remember the map name... the one with the ruined church near B flag)... We spawned on C and capped B so we were setup good. But we had 1 random who thought "what a good idea it would be if I sat near A and spawn killed them"


                        Problem: This caused the enemy to spawn outside of A so the capped C.  When we would die we spawned A and because that moron would never leave his spot we ended up ALWAYS SPAWNING at the bottom of the hill and got trapped and spawn killed over and over.


                        We were perfectly setup and that 1 tool lost the game for us.


                        I have barely played DOM in BO2, because most everyone I know no longer plays it (maybe because of the rounds? I dunno).


                        But if you want to play.. ALL IN!

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                          19. Re: The real reason to PTFO in domination.

                          Thats the thing though.  How well or how helpfull someone is in a game of domination has very little to do with caps/defends.  A very good player who is a great KW can really help if say they go passed B and ward off the flies while the rest of the team caps it.  Having someone on the enemy side of B really helps since it distracts them from the guys capping.


                          Guys pushing up the middle toward B also help a bunch even if they arent capping.  It forces that guy hiding in the corner to shoot them and another teammate who didnt see him can kill him opening up B.  There is so many ways to help but the one thing that helps nothing is KW flankers who have no intentions of helping in any way.  Or the guy sniping from the spawn while the enemy has the other 2 flags or B is vacant.


                          Push up there help get the flag even if that consists of sniping over B then drop back to the spawn if you want to.  It takes a team to get the flag and keep the other team off of it.

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