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    your probation penalty is a joke

      The probation penalty needs to be fixed to differentiate between a host drop or me quitting, again i have been shafted into a probation from a host dashboarding at the start of a match, so why penalise the lobby? and out of 4 of us playing together im the only one to get proabation, yet im the one that leaves a match early once every now and then, one of the others leaves a the first sign of a dodgy connection or campers. Listen to the community about your joke of a system and fix it or get rid of it, its not deterring the quitters.

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          If you play league, this is the risk you take. If you play pubs, your deffo understating how often you leave, as you have to be a serial quitter to wind up with probation. Theres no way that host drops enough in pubs to give you probation. No way.


          EDIT: And btw, before you speak for 'the community', most of us here are in favour of it and have wanted something like this since BO1, or even earlier. The only people who cry about it are those who are on it, and always have some bs excuse.

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              why is it always the first thing people think in a topic like this is im a serial quitter? leaving from a pregame lobby got me probation twice in one week so im going to put it down to the crap system, as i said in my first post, i have a friend that will quit at the first sign of an iffy connection or campers, where as i tough it out until we get back to the lobby and then quit. ive had some early quits due to power outs and other outside influences but i will rarely leave a game early.


              EDIT: to address your edit, yes it is a great idea, but it needs tweaking to it so that we arent peanlised for things like failed host migrations, or hosts dashboarding. i understand if i was serial quitting im going to get it, but i dont see myself asa  serial quitter seeing as how once i get a lobby i wont leave it until i log off  or i wait until the pregame lobby to leave and join friends.

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              They arent going to fix it.


              The mods will most likely consider this spam since you didnt add your thoughts to the other 50 posts on this subject.


              Its 5 minutes out of your life so you dont have anything else to do ?


              PS I YET have EVER gotten probation and I am playing the same game you are. Why is that ?


              change that. Never gotten a THREAT of probation either.

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                  well when it was a host dashboarding after the game started that gave it to me this time, there needs to be a tweak to the system so that we dont get penalised for some one elses quit. yes i admit i left a few games in my time since release, but its not every other game like others i know and they have yet to get probation, so can you tell me how that is fair?

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                      Unfortunately, the game has no way of differentiating between a regular leaving and a host dash. Its a negative byproduct admittedly, but honestly, I see WAY less host dashes when having a good game so probation is a good thing IMO. If you have a genuine glitch/problem, I hope it gets sorted for you. Tried contacting ATVI Assist?

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                        Well you admitted to leaving games. Thats your first strike right there.


                        I have yet EVER quit a game. Even played one in Blops1 at 3 frames a second.


                        The host dashboarding "this one time" did not give you probation. You game history gave you probation.


                        I have the same games where the host dashboard so AGAIN why have I yet gotten any probation ?

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                            look instead of coming in here attacking me for quitting a some games, which i wouldnt put any where past 50 max since release, why dont you try and offer some helpful advice other than what you keep spouting, since my last probation i havent quit any games just to make sure i dont get probation again, even if i am unhappy with the connection or the players.

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                        Sorry, but the Probation system has been tested and you have to quit a certain amount of times in order to get it... so your story has holes in it and I can't help but wonder if you are being 100% honest with us. Plus, if you quit out the right way you won't get it.


                        I know some folks have been nailed with it that may have not deserved it.... but most do.


                        If you are one of the latter and not the former, my apologies. But I have a lot of time into this game and have never even had the threat of being put on probation.

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                            as i said above, yes i admit to quitting a few games early, but not as many as one of my friends and he has yet to get probation. the first 2 times i have had proabtion i left a pregame lobby each time, and this is the third one i have had because the host dashboarded after we fianlly got into a match. and yet the above mentioned friend was in the match with me and he didnt get a probation still.


                            all i realy want is a tweak to the system so that it can differentiate between me quitting or me being forced into a quit through a failed host migration or host dashboarding.

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                            Posted by a moderator in another SPAM complaint thread on the same subject.....





                            The official prerequisites are not published, but as far as the community knows...

                            You get probation for...

                            • Dashboarding.
                            • Disconnecting your Internet. (Intentional)
                            • Your Internet connection dropping. (Unintentional)
                            • Turning off your console. (Intentional)
                            • Your console shutting down. (Unintentional)
                            • Repeatedly being kicked from hardcore variant matches.

                            The community has mostly stated that leaving games normally is the proper way to go about things with many users doing so. Here's a support page to read why they implemented it.

                            Locking. The excuse that one does not want to wade through responses is not good enough for us moderators. The information from the community is there. Seek it.

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                                see this is more helpful, but its still unfair thatI iam getting penalised for something someone else done, i was not the one to dashboard, yet i did get a probation from the host dashboarding and making us lose connection to the game we were in, and yes i know this is not the only thing that lead to the probation, but since the last time i had a probation i have done everythinng i can to stay in games until pre game lobbies and not getting kicked from matches.


                                as i said i would hope they can tweak the system to differentiate between me intentionally leaving a game or me being forced to leave through someone elses actions, they can put up a message to tell me we lost connection to the host, so why cant it tell the difference between the to scenarios?

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                                    They probably can but you got to consider the small print on the back of the box. They dont have to support fixing this if they dont want to.


                                    But just like so many people on here your story just seems like there are too many holes. No offense.


                                    BTW Foxy didnt mention host dashboarding up there, and a LOT of people come in here blaming the host as well as power outages and outside sources as well.


                                    See a pattern developing ?