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    After Maxis ToB EE Action Theories

      I'm sure similar threads like this have been started before, so I'll apologize for that straight away, but I am hoping to accomplish here is simple ...if you have a theory (an actual action to do in the game) about how to further advance the story after completing the ToB achievement for Maxis, post it and we can, as a community, start either disproving or proving the outcome of particular attempts.  If people want to start a Richtofen side, that may be a good idea too, but since I completed the Maxis side, I'll stick with that for now.  What I hope this thread DOES NOT turn into is one about "theories" about why certain things in Tranzit MAY be possible in general terms - (ie, the alternative route theory, nav cards, changing the time on clocks, orbs and beams, etc. are all interesting to discuss for sure and what they may mean in terms of storyline, but lets just discuss hard and fast attempts to prove or disprove those theories so we are not duplicating efforts), or pages of requests to add someone as an ally to attempt a theory with (its clogs the thread, dude). 


      I'll kick it off - so, one of the last things Maxis says immediately after completing the ToB achievement is that we have activated the obtuse vertices of the scalene (sp?), "quickly, complete the tertiary node." Geometery aside (we've all heard that discussion), I have tried to investigate what the "tertiary node" may be.  At present, I am investigating the church, and attempting to lure the electrical zombie (HIM) to the church, place down a turbine and emp him and see if that activates the church in some way like it did the tower/pylon.  Unfortunately I keep getting overwhelmed and have not yet accomplished this (although I have lured him there).  I have some other which I am also going to be attempting and others I have disproved as of now (some of which I'll list below):


      So, here are my current theories to disprove or prove:


      (1) Luring HIM (who oddly comes back every game even though we killed him under the tower/pylon, right?) to the church and placing down a turbine or electrical trap and then EMP'ing HIM - does it do anything?

      (2) Jumping off the top of the bus after leaving the tunnel near the sandbags where people think an alternative route may be - can it be done? Does it lead to anything? Surely I'm not the first to think of that, but I haven't found anyone say it has been disproved - should be easy to prove or disprove in any event. 

      (3) Luring HIM to various lamps and EMP'ing HIM - does it do anything?


      Again, my apologies for being a lame a** if these have already been disproved, but you get the idea.


      Theories Disproven:


      (1) Using Jet Gun on the various clocks - does not appear to do anything, although you can acheive some electricity looking stuff by using it on the clock in the diner once the power is turned on.  Other than that, it does not do anything.  It does not change the hands on the clock. 

      (2) Using Jet Gun on nav card reader to "heat it up" - nothing

      (3) Getting under bus at the bus depot (falling into the lava pit just as bus is pulling in) - there is no "second" nav card or nav card reader.

      (4) Throwing semtex, emps, and grenades at the church - nothing

      (5) Placing a turbine at the front of the church - nothing

      (6) Operating the Farm TV / Radio and then turning power off again after Maxis says something about "power must be shut..."


      Obviously I have tried other theories as well, but did not have the time to write each one out - sorry

      Think of others, let's prove or disprove them.

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