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    I am looking to join a ps3 clan

      I am 17 years old and from the uk with a kd of 1.22 and prestige 4 I will participate in most clan ops and clan challenges

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          Re: I am looking to join a ps3 clan

          Whats up m8

          check out our clan page our clan website is under construction and should be up by summer


          find me on psn


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            Re: I am looking to join a ps3 clan

            I just found you on elite and sent you and invite into our clan m8

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              Re: I am looking to join a ps3 clan

              Hey :)

              I'll keep this really nice and short for you.


              Elite Rebellion use and teach military tactics on first and third person shooters.

              If you want to be in a clan that offers you something completely different to every other clan on here, send me a message on the PSN: JokesOnMe.


              Simples ;)

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                Re: I am looking to join a ps3 clan

                Epic Gaming is a culmination in clan leadership and online gaming knowledge, where basic tenants of leadership and member participation are hand in hand. The lessons that have been learned to bring us to this point have been hard learned, but we believe Epic is better for it.

                Epic Gaming is not your typical gaming clan, we are a competitive group that supports a wide variety of games across multiple platforms, but our focus remains the same, "play to win". Our sport is winning and we intend to dominate the virtual battlefield in every game we support. With that mantra comes a lot of work and dedication, which is why decisions made in this clan are made by this clan. All of Epic Gaming members have a voice, have a say, have a vote. From who we allow to join our ranks to policies we implement moving forward. While we do have a ranking structure, everyone's vote carries the same weight.

                Epic Gaming is a new kind of gaming community, where we stress, team work, communication, dedication, domination, competition, and above all else community.

                "So, be more than just another gamer, be more than good...Be Epic"

                If you are interested in joining us visit: http://www.epic-hq.net, register, go to the recruitment section and fullfil the application.

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