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    Competitive, big clan now recruiting

      Hello everyone.

      Do you like being epic? How about joining an Epic clan?



      We are a big clan that is very competitive and looking for new members.

      Before you make up your decision you have to know that:

      - We are a competitive clan that has as a target to win all the time.

      - We like helping our teammates.

      - We play together as soon as we can.

      - We are already count 30 members but that number is increasing everyday.

      - We are active.

      - We would like you to be active as well.



      If you think that you like us then just follow these steps:

      1) Visit our forum: http://www.epic-hq.net [epic-hq.net]

      2) Register

      3) Go the recruitment section and fullfil the application



      Can't wait playing with you.