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    Odd behavior with perks, anyone else noticing these issues

      I've noticed that perks tend to randomly stop working for brief periods. Most notably Engineering isn't picking up any Tac-Inserts for me. I mean 0 TI 100% of the time. Even when I see the red glow in a window I cannot find them. Also, Ghost has been flaky. Tonight I was running under deck on Hijacked when a guy was running past the hatch. He stopped, turned around and ADS'd the hole waiting for me. I noticed a few other people complaining about how he always seemed to know where people were coming from with Ghost on.


      I've always had my suspicions that perks weren't always reliable, but tonight and over the last few nights strange occurances have been going on. Also, lag has been at an all-time high as well as a few other odd things like the ambulance on Cargo being white and blue stripped. So I'm curious to know if anyone else has noticed anything