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    Boosters in HC, why oh why!


      Another booster thread, sorry!

      It seems really prevalent in HC , more so than Core, why is this? Special mention to clans who do this, aren't even discrete enough  to change their clan tags. Does anything actually happen when you report them. One delightful clan threatened me with hacking my account, after I informed them that I reported them,  thanks to two members of vr clan, top guys.

      So with tac inserts, which are boosters tool of choice, can anything be done about them?

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          Funny you say that, I've been in a lobby with those VR guys, they must have been reported hundreds of times by now.

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              I know it's frustrating, but best thing to do is not even engage them at all. Most people say "report and move on" but really its so that you don't do anything yourself that would violate TOS. Think about it this way, if these scumbags would stoop to boosting, who's to say they wouldn't goad you into violating TOS in either the voice chat or through messages? Most of the time I just play in party chat. Overall I think the community needs a kick in the groin. Therefor I don't even bother with game chat most of time.


              I definitely think there needs to be a better way to police the community. I don't know if anything is ever truly done with boosters. They need to make that more transparent so that people see the reprecussions of doing it. It would also be nice if there was a way to police all the trolls. I don't think people really see the consequences, which in turn emnboldens the trogoldytes of the community.

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              I think they are in HC mainly because of no mini map. As well as game modes like HCKC dont have a kill cap like TDM or a respawn timer like CTF. I think ive run into that VR clan a while back as well. Pretty bad when your clan is more known for booating that player skill :-\ lol

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                HC is the new fav because of no mini map so it is easier to do and not be found as quick. Unless you run engineer and look for the TI glowing.. then toss a emp destroy them... run in shoot both and wait to do it over again... booster hunting can be fun sometimes. just watch the kill feed to see if the same person kills the same person over and over again within a few moments of each time. Then put a class on with egineer and emp nade or black hat and go hunting.


                and yes they threaten to hack your account which if they ever tried would be a federal offense and would get them in more trouble than just boosting would. Or they threaten to report you to have you banned, or they claim they know someone in ms and will have them ban your account when they really do not. which really just helps prove your case when the report is reviewed and the game data is checked.

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                  The ban hammer will eventually drop hard!

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                    I ran into a guy in Core Boosting for a VTOL over the weekend.  I reported him but I also dropped his VTOL and his Lodestar before he even had a chance to hardly get a kill from either of them.  And then I quit playing around with my pistol class and pulled out a gun that I'm solid with and preceeded to exact revenge by destroying his whole team.  They never got another scorestreak for the rest of the match.  Had he not called in that VTOL, I probably would have stuck with my pistol class but I'm not going to be free kills for a guy that's cheating.  His punishment for getting greedy was me going Tryhard on his teams sorry butts.  Of course, knowing that he will eventually get reset is just icing on the cake.

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                      Only seen it 2-3 times in HCTDM, I hear its worse in KC.


                      Report every time. I feel sorry for anyone sad enough to have to engage in behavior like that.

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                        It's Easter weekend and the kids are all out so that could be the reason for it?

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                          This seems to work for me


                          1Bookmark game

                          2 spend 5 mins pulling the proof off

                          3 send to bancandy

                          4 boosters reset and if you have enough proof clan reset

                          5 if you want to be a real **** report to MS as well

                          6 laugh your ass off when you go check a few days later and they have CoC on there acc