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    Response Rate question

      Hey guys ive been having a problem. Recently my other monitor died on me (it was a 5ms response monitor) so i bought a monitor off my friend who didnt need it. He didnt have much info on it other than that its a 1920x1080 monitor and i cant find any info on my monitor either. The monitor is an LG FLATRON EW234. Now with this monitor ive been having alot worst luck on BO2. Im being insta killed alot more and my shots are registering a whole lot less. I have to shoot nearly a whole clip into someone now before i can get a kill most of the time.


      Now i heard somewhere a while ago that response rate on a monitor can affect a whole mass of things in games. Hit reg being one of them. What do you guys think about this? If my monitor say has a 8ms (just a guess) would that affect my hit reg and being insta killed that much over a 5ms monitor?