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    3.0 kd looking for a clan ps3

      ive played with a couple of clans ive met in here but i have to carry the clan.. thats not really what im looking for... not  really looking to be the best player in the clan... when ever i have a bad game i want other players to step up and not lose because i had a bad game..,,,  but if i have to carry the clan then i want the rest of the team to atleast help me out and take down uavs..cause so far ive been doing both ..carrying the clan and taking down uavs...if thats the case ill just play alone.... one more thing  i was surprised but this happen a lot... we join a game and in the middle of the game half of the clan leaves because they are doing bad...what kind of clan is that..      my w/l is bad because im playing alone and they always put me into a game that we have no chance of winning so i just leave


      psn shockwave1901