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    Black Ops To Black Ops 2

      I was thinking about this... HOW DID TREYARCH Go from a very good game... to a Horrible game like BO2?


      Let me give you some examples.

      1. Black Ops 1 was soooo rush friendly and rewarded you for being aggressive. Black Ops 2 is a CAMP Friendly game and caters to that play style. (Buff ars and LMGS More, Nerfs the SMGS That people use to rush)


      2. Black Ops 1 Connection was Ok... hit detection problems but it wasn't that bad. BO2, I lag pretty much every game, you have broken cameras, lag alaglag every where.. (Not just me having these problems) but Von says it's in our head lmao... Von you don't even play your own game as much and you're not good please shuush and listen.


      3. SNIPERS. In BO1, Quick scoping or w/e the little kids do actually took some sort of "skill" if you wan't to say. It had SWAY AND FLINCH.

      Snipers on BO2 Are so easy to use that little timmy can do it. How does a sniper ADS Faster than My SMG? & ONE SHOTS ME??? Why doesn't it have any sway or flinch!?? If you are a good player and play often you know exactly what I mean. I fear people with snipers more than I do people with lmgs and ars.


      It just seems like they went from a rushing rewarding game, fast pace etc to a little timmy no finger land, where people camp with TARGET Finders quickscope you with easy snipers etc. Part of the reason I liked Treyarch of Infinity ward game is because they actually catered to the good players where as in mw3 you could get a kill without even playing (death streaks).


      Game is Laggy, Boring, Slow Paced, & Built for Little Timmy.