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    Competitive has taken over the fun factor

      Sure who doesn't likes to win, but why not try something else and not using always the same weapon setups every lobby. Competitive gaming is not what made Call of Duty so successful. I know many people will disagree with me and thats cool but i think the obsession with competitive gaming in public matches was a bad decision. The majority of CoD players are casuals and casuals don't care about competitive gaming.


      This game is not capable of having a fair competitive match, broken cameras (even on lan). Bullets come out from your forehead (headglitch) so why pushing something on us when its broken by design? The reticle should be lowered like in Halo.


      I wish the next Call of Duty will focus more on the fun factor again and leaving this competitive stuff aside. Fun doesn't mean the game has to be broken and unbalanced, you can have a balanced fun shooter without competitive gaming in mind.