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    Worst Scorestreak?

      Hey what do you guys think is the worst scorestreak? I'm not saying one that is abused *Cough* UAV*Cough*, just one you find usless, on your epic adventures to dominate the map.


      So the one I find completly usless is....................................The Death Machine. I find this more usless then the VTOL gunship. The amount of bullets you have to put in someome from this, is just outragous. If I ever feel like going Carepackaging, and get one of these useless things, I either let my teammate take it, or decide to spray down UAVs. The thing itself is so inaccurate. They should have brought back the one from BO1, and instant kill when struck by it. For such a high score, it's defintly usless and either should get a major buff, or lowered score.