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    Don't care about black ops 2 anymore.

      I enjoy BO, MW3, and BO2 and will probably play MW4. I just gave up caring about the little things. When I was playing BO originally my K/D was around 1.10 . This was with internet that was 5MBS. I then moved to Dallas and MW3 came out and I had a K/D around 1.25 With 30MBS internet speeds. since then I have moved out to the country and the only speed available to me is 3.0mbs and with BO2 my K/D is around .95..So with this info it looks like the better latency the higher your K/D will be. I can say that during my time with 30Mbs my games where alot more consitent, but I did lag most of the time just not real bad. Like the 3 second delays I am getting in BO2. But with that being said with the 3.0Mbs on BO2 I either lag real bad or every so often I lag good and have some of my best COD games ever. I have gone 38-2 and 52-14 in BO2 with a AR and shotgun. with very little help with score streaks- like Hunter drone, Care Package (RC-car), and lightning strike. so thats like 40 plus kills with just a shotgun in a short game. then next game with same people in the lobby I would go 11/23 on the K/D. So I have giving up trying to have a good K/D or win loss record, because with this uncontrolable lag it is scenceless. I will continue to play the game just waiting for that next game where I don't lag like ****. And mute the whiners that complain you are drop shotting or corner camping so they can go on there 30 kill streak run with there non lagging connections. Hope this helps you come to terms with( There is no fixing the lag, deal with it.) B.S.


      P.S. Do bring back Ghost and bullet vests. This does help the laggers some. COD has geared this latest game towards Run and Gun lag comp players and Boosters, not to forget spawn killers. Oh well maybe next MW4 right.