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    Player Count/COD Series


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          Balthamous wrote:


          granted BO2 is an improvment over MW3 but the numbers do tell a tale.

          The bar wasn't exactly set very high.

          Balthamous wrote:


          Now I still play BO1 There are on average 800,000 people online.

          I highly doubt that 800 000 people are still playing Blops 1 .

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            3arc fakes there numbers you really believe there's

            30k ppl in league one day then the next only 2.5k

            Kill confirmed 115k then next day 55k

            3arc been faking nu mbers since bo1

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              Less amount of players the better as far as I am concerned! Glad to see those who can't play, who probably have terrible connection, low self control leave and play another game!

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                Where do you get your numbers? I played MW3 on Sunday and Core TDM had 38k people playing while BO2 had 100k!!!! That was the largest player count in ALL the gametypes. Do people just make this crap up? There are FAR less people playing MW3. BO1, I don't know since I haven't played it in a while.


                Seriously, just put the game in the PS3 and look for yourself. Unless you are from the EU where I have no idea how many people are playing.

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                  It took MW3 until late summer for the numbers to drop below 300k, Black Ops II was averaging 200k previous to the last patch. I think this is due to the horrible attention to detail. I know I've already had 3 full weeks of not even considering playing this game. It just doesn't hold my attention as much as previous titles.


                  I love Call of Duty, I just don't feel the love back

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                    Don't kid yourselves guys.


                    It's going from strength to stength:


                    http://www.forbes.com/sites/erikkain/2012/12/07/call-of-duty-black-ops-2-sales-d ont-point-to-franchises-decline/


                    A quick excerpt for those who won't read it:


                    The fact is, Call of Duty games are selling millions of units every year, and Black Ops 2 made over $1 billion in sales in its first 15 days on the market. Unless success is only measured by each game outdoing the next infinitely then I’d say Call of Duty remains very much a successful franchise.

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                        Good article Spoons. I just hope they are focusing on making the next PS4 CoD epic and keep the online issues to minimum. I know, wishful thinking....

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                          It is still a really strong franchise, but nothing is too big to fail, just look at the banking crisis, Lehman Bros thought they were too big to fail.


                          It's not that I wish too see it fail but rather would like some sort of evolution which I'm sure Next-Gen will deliver.


                          I've taken a break from COD (1 Month) and have been playing some PC titles like ARMA, the change in pace is refreshing.


                          Why would players want essentially the same game? year in, year out.


                          I think Black Ops 2 has lost player numbers, the reason I think this is because hardly anyone on my friends list is playing anymore.

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                          Activision has already taken you're money for the games I don't think they really care who's playing what game in the series, they've already made the profit.


                          If it was pay to play (like WoW) it would be a different story they would probably put more effort in as it would definitely harm profits if no one was playing.


                          Who knows perhaps the next COD will take on this option as we don't know for sure how the next gen consoles will be set up, don't forget they make no profit from pre-owned games, this would rectify that.


                          Going back to the figures for each game I've seen more players on MW3 than BO2 a few times but never by much and it's usually just after a patch or update, I've never seen more players on BO though.