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    Why do optics show a  boost to your gun accuracy statistics?


      I was bored the other night and my net was running like **** plus I was half assed watching a bball game at the time so I set up some identical classes in a custom game where one class had a rds and the other did not.  I then did wall tests with a bunch of different guns (ARs) and the wall test showed 0 change in accuracy by using a rds or not.  I even did some while hip firing as I thought the bump in accuracy that they give you might change the accuracy there but it had no changes.


      Obviously if you do not like a guns ironsites then using an attachment makes a difference but it is not a measurable difference more of a subjective difference.  I am sure some people way smarter then I (not hard to do) have tested this stuff but I am at work right now and cant be youtube surfing.


      Back to the question then......why do a guns accuracy stats increase when you add an optic.