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    Clan Challenges/Operation Times

      I notice when i enroll my clan in an Op or Challenge that there are given times when they start, I am on the east coast so i add 3 hours to whatever time is listed on Elite, but when i look at Elite on my Xbox i noticed that the timer is 1 hour off from the time listed above.  It is hard for me to tell my clan when an Op starts if there are conflicting times listed.  Please help with this issue

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          You are going to be pulling your hair out because they are starting a series of Ops where the start time for Sat and Sun will alternate from week to week.  However, for EST the Challenges start at 1pm and for this weekend the Sat Op starts at 2pm and the Sun Op starts at 6pm.

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              That helps, but i noticed that the Sat Ops started @ 2 p.m. which i had posted but on the Elite site on the Xbox the date and time said 1-4 p.m. and the timer was saying 2 p.m. by my calculation.  Could this be an error on Activision for the Elite page having conflicting times?