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        20. Re: thanks anti campers

        ghost works whilst moving and for around 2 seconds after stopping, sprinting isn't neccessary just movement. oh and the target finder is a noob choice that shows a lack of skill and ability, if ya can't hang with iron sights or a red dot you've no hope of having any respect.  if they put in an kill everyone by pushing Y perk how many sad no skill loosers would spam it every match lol

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          21. Re: thanks anti campers

          lol ya now it does

          it used to be broken the first months tho

          would only activate while sprinting, you would show when ADS, you would even show when firing with a supressor

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            22. Re: thanks anti campers

            I could make the argument that any perk or attachment is for noobs cause it gives you an advantage. How about engineer? You can magically see through anything with that!

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              23. Re: thanks anti campers

              Yep.  So supposedly we have:


              Target Finder/Dual Band/Variable Zoom are for the partially sighted

              Fast mags are for those who cannot manage their ammo count

              Holographic/Reflex sights are for those who aren't good enough for iron sights

              Scavenger is for people who aimlessly throw lethals and tacticals and pray to pick up a scavenger pack to refill


              Next please.

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                24. Re: thanks anti campers

                I always say it's not the gun, perk, or attachment that make you good, it's the user.

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                  25. Re: thanks anti campers

                  dirdyburd wrote:


                  A big thank you to all the anti campers that made their complaints known on these message boards. Im sure this has been talked about to death, but i must say...


                  Making it easier to get a UAV, awesome. Ghost only works when sprinting, sweet. Cold blooded and blind eye, need i say more


                  At first when the game came out i was a tad worried how this would pan out. I absolutely love what your complaints have brought to this game. You have now made it 10 times easier to camp. Everyone and their dog has UAVs and spam the hell out of them. Makes it easier to see you coming. Thanks. Ghost only works when sprinting. I now see you moving further in the distance. Easier to snipe. Yeah, my stats arent that great. But sure is easier knowing where you are going getting a UAV damn near every other minute. And the target finder, may not have been a set up for anti camping, but it sure helps when shooting at your sprinting ghost butt.


                  Instead of actually trying to get a kill, you complained and made it that much easier. I like your styl. Campers now love you

                  Ghost works wonders if you AREN'T a camper.  I can move all over the map and not be seen.  From the sounds of it.. you sound a little butthurt

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                    26. Re: thanks anti campers

                    you should really think about not calling others LOSERS until you yourself can figure out how to spell it.  I mean, my gosh, they even give you a spell checker!

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                      27. Re: thanks anti campers

                      GoldenFAL wrote:


                      I hate target finder more than Quick snipers, long shooting shotguns, camping, lag, anything you name can NOT be as bad as the target finder.


                      You mean to tell me that putting a target finder on a gun in 2025 call it future guns, they had that on black ops 1 on the sentry gun. That's not future. They should of named it easy finder. A team with a 3 or more with TF's attached can be lethal.

                      cold blooded works just fine... what is your complaint when they kill you when you have that perk?  Still gonna cry about the TF?  It doesn't get red... no box.. no colors... what?  What exactly do you have to cry about?  The fact that in order to counter it you have to give up something in order to use CB?

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                        28. Re: thanks anti campers

                        And it couldn't be more true in this game as perks are nerfed from previous titles and many attachments come with penalties, even if their benefits are minimal, despite competing with attachments, e.g. extended clip adding to reload time and nowhere near the ammo increase from MW3.

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                          29. Re: thanks anti campers

                          hwo about a counter UAV to counter the VSAT??? herp derp...

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