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    ToXic Gaming now Recruiting!

      ToXic Gaming is a new, and rather small clan however there are many benefits to joining a small, but fast growing clan!


      We offer a lot of connection with our members and you can speak to us as a group or individually.


      Our website, http://toxicgamingx.enjin.com/, is very easy to navigate and understand unlike other larger clans.


      We hold ourselves to a high standard meaning we want mature gamers 14+ that bring respect.


      The rules for our clan are standard and reasonable and can be found in the forum section of our website!


      Whether you just want to have a casual gaming experience or a competitive one ToXic Gaming is the place to be!


      When you sign up tell them, Major Chief sent you!

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          Re: ToXic Gaming now Recruiting!

          So GAT challenged toxic to a fight and the banned us from there site.... Wow so that's a TKO


          Here is what we said:



          Let me start off by saying your community seem capable and good at this game. Your site is amazing!


          My name is StrikeZone I am a leading member of the clan GAT. I saw your post on the cod forums on a thread.,

          I am here to ask for a scrim game, my clanmates and I like playing other clans, we find the games are close and much more exciting. We almost always play groundwar but if there aren't enough players we can make teams smaller down to six. We also would recommend a game mode that is less campy not (TDM or KC) maybe domination or hard point and the same game type over all 3 games.


          We most likely wont be able to get our team together till 9-10pm EST send a msg to STrikeZone1000 if you want to play on Xbox. We are only on xbox360.


          We challenge you to a 9 on 9 groundwar domination game. Best 2 of 3 you pick the first map, after that loser picks. All weapons, kill streaks and tactics permitted.




          You can check us out on:

          twitch.tv/gatclan from here you can navigate to




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          Yes we will play

          2 votes 100%

          No we will not

          0 votes 0%

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