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        20. Re: Scuf controllers

        i will agree with you that  scuff controllers are still considered cheating, regardless who plays with them.. however since they are playingw ith them, what would stop someone from getting a modded controller? nothing.


        if that player has no intention to play on some MLG circ.. why wouldnt he/she mod out?


        i dont have the proof, but i can almost bet that every game you play has at least 1 or 2 modded controller users in it


        see treyarch messed up.. they were in a  good place before they hacked the FAL and SMR up.. there was no reason for anyone to buy a modded controller.. besides having an extra picvk ten attachment area.. now those guns are riddled with damage nerfs and recoil with select fire, they are countering it with the rapid fire mod.. i say good for them

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          21. Re: Scuf controllers

          Absolutely! Heck I won't lie, Black Ops 2 is the first game in the series I actually do ONLINE, MW2 came with my xbox and i bought BO for the zombies, when I played Zombies I had a rapid fire controller, I thought it was awesome! Then I realized even in Zombies it could get u kicked, which I think is funny cuz why would someone care in Zombies if I am using a rapid fire? anywhoo, you certainly will have 2-3 people with mods. your right, can't prove it, I had a guy yesterday, drop shot, like seriously just instantly dropped to the floor no hesitation no like in between crouching, I lol'd cuz he talked the most crap in a lobby. Mute is always fun but then again I get a kick out of how serious some of these people take this game

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            22. Re: Scuf controllers

            They need to make a controller for claws. This is why Zoidberg does bad.

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              23. Re: Scuf controllers

              The Scuf controller is a good controller but in my opinion the cost is a little steep. For me the paddles on the back are the biggest benefit. It allows me to use the Tactical layout for the drop shot and I can use the paddles for the knife and jump...all while keeping my thumbs on the sticks.
              However, your K/D isn't going to improve all that much...To get a decent Scuf it is $130.00 and about 3 to 4 weeks to get it. With the new Xbox coming soon I would not make that investment. I have had mine for a while...It is a good controller, but it comes with a hefty price tag.


              PS...My plugnplay charger does not work with the Scuf...No idea why but it works fine on a standard controller.

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                24. Re: Scuf controllers

                If you're gonna do this now, buy a stock controller and send it to be modded by them. It'll be cheaper.


                But, as some people have reminded us - the smart money is waiting on next gen consoles.


                I love my scuf though.

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                  25. Re: Scuf controllers

                  To me, they idea that someone would defend or try to justify using a modded controller, just because the so called "pros" use it is laughable. This is no different than back in the day when people were defending and trying to justifying using BXB and BXR in Halo 2. Bungie themselves said it was glitching, but because the almighty MLG allowed it in their tournaments, people used it as a reason to justify cheating.

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                    26. Re: Scuf controllers

                    yes what you say is true, most hear mod and think up of dropshot/rapidfire controllers.MS does not care about the scuff controllers as much because they are not as you put modded by software changes or other internal modds adding in a feature that was not normally there. But in general it is still a modded controller and ms could ever decide they are against the tos and if they ever discovered a way to track who had them ban them for doing so. but doubtful it will happen any time soon.


                    I remember when fully reprogrammable, mapable, turbofire adjustable controllers will used by lots of players, but that was before consoles came online.


                    Really I do not care if someone uses one or not. If they do and it clearly evident, I just mark them as avoid, and then leave by signing out, hoping I was host at that point.

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                      27. Re: Scuf controllers

                      How far can you go if you differentiate hard modded input vs computer aided.  Can I show up at a tourney with foot petals or double triggers?  If its not computer assisted can I use my head to aim?  The problem with scuf is its a weak mod made to make money of people with no imagination.  Then the pro players get the inside track and market the hardware when anyone could make much better mods on their own.  Can I blink to shoot I think it would help my reaction time but my eyes might get dry.

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                        28. Re: Scuf controllers

                        I am looking to get a scuf also. I just want one because of the paint design. Can you buy a normal controller from scuf with just a cool looking design.

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                          29. Re: Scuf controllers

                          Whoa whoa. I can afford said modded controller, yet I refuse to purchase one. It looks disgusting;also, I get told I have a modded controller all the time, so in essence do I need one? No.




                          Call me old fashioned, but I believe in the PLAYER getting better at the game, not the player getting a modded controller cuz they need it to do well.. LOL



                          It makes me sad I had to even type that.

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