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        10. Re: Why you should play on 'claw'.

        Do me a favor, don't classify video game players as pros. There are too many good gamers who don't compete in the candyland comps who can destroy "pros".

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          11. Re: Why you should play on 'claw'.

          Not really for they need limitation on what is allowed in the game in order to call it fair or balanced. Any person that needs anything removed for change from the game to call themself good or a pro is no such thing.


          Anyone can drop shot or jump shot with some pratice but that does not make them statistically better than those that do not. It never has and never will. Just like bunny hopping does not make a player better than someone else even though those that do it like to claim otherwise to defend their frail egos against anyone that claims otherwise.

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            12. Re: Why you should play on 'claw'.

            We actually agree today sir! I love killing halo jumpers mid flight.

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              13. Re: Why you should play on 'claw'.

              IcyRapture wrote:


              It takes skill to jump/drop shot,

              No it doesn't it takes the abilitiy to be able to press a button (or paddle or bought a scuff as your favourite yt/pro player got one) while you shoot.

              There is no skill in drop/jump shotting at all.



              IcyRapture wrote:


              if you walk around like a silly goose you aren't going to go anywhere.

              i dont drop or jump shot and seem to be able to do fine, in fact most games quite happily kill players who insist on dropping at my feet or bouncing around like they're tigger.



              IcyRapture wrote:

              I feel like my IQ is dropping replying to people as such, since people in this community really don't understand anything about the game they've been playing for how long?


              Be very careful here, your attitude is beginning to resemble one of the sort of people that has caused many in our community not to like the "pro" players or even the wanna be pro players.



              IcyRapture wrote:

              they suck against any players other than pros.... Pros... Uh, aren't they a little better than randoms?

              lets be very clear here the ONLY thing that differenciates "pro" players from normal players is one group is in a team that plays at lans/competitions thats it , the ability to get a group together play as a team at an event and win does NOT make you better players than normal players. All it does is make you good at your preffered variation of the game thats it.



              You know theres poor 3arc and activision going hell for leather trying to attrat more people to the competetive side of cod and here you are once again reminding us why the majority of players dont like comp play as its full of jumped up ego inflated delusional prima donnas




              p.s the claw stance is effing uncomfortable and pointless.but im sure because scump uses it untold wannabe mlg players will now adopt it and spend weeks wondering why they suddenly arent being talent scouted by optic scouts

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                14. Re: Why you should play on 'claw'.

                IcyRapture wrote:


                Not neccessarily, pubs are so much different than competitive or anything in that sort as I pointed out, some of the best pro players will back out against parties in pubs but obviously do oustanding against other pro teams which is why others call them 'the best'. Scump, Jkap, BigT on LAN. It's not all about pubs

                This sums up a LOT about "pro" players. Our group has literally ran over some of these "pro" teams to the point where they dashboard out. Optic, Jkap are 2 to name a few. I think our last time running into Optic was a game of HCTDM and we wound up winning 75-30. All they did was complain about "noob" tactics and perks.


                ANY team that NEEDS a modified set of rules put into place to be "competitive" are GARBAGE players. Anyone that thinks dropshotting, jumpshotting, bunnyhopping, or quickscoping take skill they are severly delusional and need to rethink what they are saying. 90% of these so called "pro" and "MLG" gamers are pure garbage and can ONLY do good when they are playing with AND against certain people. Not my definition of a good player.

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                  15. Re: Why you should play on 'claw'.

                  I'm afraid Jkap and Scump aren't in the same team, let alone none of these teams have ever played hardcore.

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                    16. Re: Why you should play on 'claw'.

                    Why would they even play HC when tourneys are on Core? Also, Optic is a name of a pro team and it's not a single entity. I smell BS. Video or his claims didn't happen.

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                      17. Re: Why you should play on 'claw'.

                      Thanks for sharing this vid. I will try and incorporate this style into my arsenal but it might take me weeks to master it. I was so inclined to buy a new Scuf with 4 padles at the back but then I'll try this thing first and save a few bucks.

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                        18. Re: Why you should play on 'claw'.

                        The OP is just pointing out an alternative style of holding the controller that may benefit a reader or two, personally I've never tried it so Ill give it a shot just for laughs. I presume he mentioned the "pro" players to highlight claw is not utterly useless, but it seems this is what's got other wound up?

                        Although I rarely need to dropshot (unless ive been jumped by a gang of enemies!) jump shots have their place when an enemy has seen you and is hiding round a corner, surely this is a accepted method of attack in such circumstances? Hiding enemies tend not to be able to track your jump arc while you blast them round a corner. I had no idea it was considered bad "etiquette"? In my experience a jumpshot on a hiding enemy is very handy when you know said enemy is anticipating that you'll be trotting round the corner for an easy kill. Doing it out in the open is not smart though :)

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                          19. Re: Why you should play on 'claw'.

                          I agree with you for once, to the letter.


                          Personally speaking, I love the challange of playing against full parties. It's hard work playing against a communicating team but rewarding if you overcome them. I've noticed they tend to bunch up at certain points on maps and you can figure out where they'll be.

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