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    The latest patch and its two biggest mistakes.

      The PDW and the MSMC have been nerfed to absolute hell. Currently, there is no reason whatsoever to use either weapon in a serious match unless you have foregrip equipped, and even at that, it's still extremely difficult to get kills with the foregrip equipped. I am extremely upset with this latest patch, mainly because I can't find a class setup that works well enough to even play the game more than a couple minutes without giving up from the clusterfail.


      I can't understand why anyone in Treyarch would justify this recoil increase to these guns as a logical necessity.. mostly because of how many people exclusively use them in most of their classes, myself included. I mean, even increasing it half as much as they did would probably be okay, because the users can learn to compensate for the recoil. Due to the slower fire rate that the msmc and pdw have, using them as anything other than medium-range weapons is a useless endeavor. And now with the recoil, they can't even be used for medium range. Fix it, please. I know that we don't pay a sub-fee for elite/multiplayer but as a consumer of this game, I can't see myself as a happy customer with how much you guys keep fixing things that aren't broken.