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    Dropping Games 90% of the Time...Probation?  Are You Serious???

      Has anyone else been having MAJOR issues with getting dumped out of matches here lately, like within the past two to three days?


      Okay.  This is the first time that I've had this happen, and it really makes me want to scream.  Last night (03.23.13) I tried playing some multiplayer.  Out of five games, I was only able to finish one of them.  The other four all lost connection to the host.  The weather was a bit off, and has been known to play havoc with our internet connection, so I dealt with it by stopping playing.  No sense in getting worked up over something you can't control.


      So today, the weather is much better.  Speedtest.net showed a better ping and a bit better speed (avg. between 18 - 20mbs) than yesterday.  First match out of the gate, the map loads up, I pick a class, the countdown timer gets to 6 and keeps flashing 6.  Then 'Connection Interrupted'.  Then booted from the match.  WTF?  Load up a new match.  Everything's going fine, and a couple minutes into the match, I get booted again.


      I try to go into another match, only to get the notice:
      You have earned probation for quitting out of Public Match games too often.  Finish games completely to avoid probation.


      What the hell?!?!  I've quit out of a game twice the entire time I've been playing.  One was a rage quit, I'll admit.  The other was to take care of a RL situation.  That's it.  I simply don't do it, even if I'm going 5-40.


      Why is this happening?  None of the other devices in our house is having internet issues.  None of the other online apps (Netflix, YouTube, etc.) are having issues.  I get told by the game that I can't play it because the game keeps booting me out of matches?


      :sigh:  If anyone has any legitimate suggestions (even suck it up, it's all on Activision/Treyarch's end) I'd love to hear them.  This is just ridiculous.