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    M481 Needs a Buff & Fix

      I have been going for diamon and have been using the M481 a weapon I actually would love to use if not for one big issue.


      The gun is a burst fire weapon with the lowest damage [same damage as m27] assualt rifle in the game. Its range and fire rate is sub par and the accuracy is nothing speacil when compaired with other FalOsw and the Swat-556.


      I just can not understand the reason for such low damage stats on a burst fire weapon that requires a real high accuracy level to use it effectivly. To often am I spamming half a clip in some one to simply have them pop around kill me in 3 shots. The gun also seems to give many false hit markers something that even against bots it seems to be completly random if you will get a kill in a single or two bursts or take nearly half a clip to kill one.


      I really do think the m481 needs a damage buff as I find it actually stupid that such a weapon has the same damage as the automatic m27. I really can not understand why this gun seems so poorly balanced as it seems to be only worth having as a 3 burst rifle for long range. And if your going to use it for that they you might aswell take the fal or the SMR that will give just as accurate results and actually give good kill feedback.


      Does any one else feel this gun is out of place more so considering its nearly the last gun you unlock.



      This gun does seem to work slightly better in hardcore but still the results are not good anoth to match a burst weapon

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          Its fine for me. In fact I'm almost done getting it gold. I think it's a great gun. Haven't they done enough tweaking already? Let it be. Let everything be.

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              Dont get me wrong I can use the gun and I am pratically on gold just need to get 15 kills with out perks and thats it.


              The issue is the hit markers are completly unreliable and evenw with it on rapid fire you will still find some times your loading nearly a full clip. I more than understand lag can be an issue how ever it seems this gun excels in being wrong.


              The damage also does not match the ability needed to use this gun properly. The swat 556 compared to this is actually funny. More damage, same accuracy, more range and a slightly smaller fire rate than honestly seems to be not far of the m481 to make a noticable different


              The gun just does not seem to match it stats. Had this been an automatic then it would make sense high accuracy hire fire rate standard range with a mid low damage. How ever as a burst fire weapon it seems to be simply out of place compared to any other assualt rifle.


              Even watching MLG and watching the clans use it there the gun was giving false hit markers and it was taking 3 clips on average to kill.

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              This was the 2nd gun I golded. First ar. It works great in hardcore.

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                nope , its a very good gun , you just have to get used to it. its in my top 5 with around 3000 kills.

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                  It's no an94...its without question my second favorite ar though. It doesn't need a buff at all.

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                    I used to use it and really liked it before but i tried using it again recently and had real trouble with it.  I seems like the Chicom but with less mobility and i needed 3 bursts to kill someone. I remember before I used to get kills with one or two bursts. Could just be I lost the groove for it though.

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                      It's my second most used gun by a long way, I love it.


                      Nothing beats it in HC as far as I'm concerned, one burst kill 95% of the time, the other 5% are at exteme distances. I find it much more accurate with the SWAT with pretty much no recoil. The only players I fear are those who are proficient with an M8. Also, the hip fire is amazing for when you bump into someone.


                      I've had a 36 streak with it, and gone on a series of other rampages. All my beat games have been with this gun.


                      Saying that, I have no idea how it performs in softcore.


                      Not saying I wouldn't welcome a buff, but it would be so much OP.

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                        Nothing you can use yourself should be nerfed or buffed. 

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                          where are you getting your info from? m27 does 33 max damage per bullet, while m8 burst does 35 max damage per bullet. the m8 has 3 btk range up 50 units, and a 4 btk range way beyond that up to around 110 units then it becomes 5btk. m27 4 btk is around is up 125units then it becomes a 5 btk. u should be killing people dependimg on their range from you with 1-2 bursts with the m8. m8 min damage is 24 per bullet just like the m27, comsidering m8 fires 4 bullets at once u should habe no problem killimg ppl within 2 bursts at range if all bullets hit. you are either gettim crappy lag or all your bullets arent hitting at once. at most i takes me 3 bursts to kill someone at really long range because not all my bullets hit due to the m8s recoil  which is vertical or because of cover and penetration. the swat has and incredible 3 btk range in burst mode and high penetration to go along with extreme accuracy (its circular and concentrated as opposed to extreme horizontal or vertical) with a 1.4 headshot muliplyer. its drawback is time between bursts which are almost double the m8. the only other ars with high penetration are scar, fal, and smr.also m8 has a 1 headshot multiplier and can be fired extremely fast between bursts.

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                            I really like the M8 also. Saved it for last for gold in the AR's- like dessert. Don't think it needs a buff, if it did get one it would be by far the most powerful AR in the game and likely the most powerful weapon period in the right hands.


                            Have to call it the RAGE8.

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                              I used to hate this gun until I got used to it. There are times when it seems like it won't kill for anything and times where it drops people like nothing....

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                                errmm?? do you mean M8A1?

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                                  Sorry, but I disagree, that gun is an absolute monster. I've had some of my best games with it, its sodding laser-accurate. If your accuracy is on point then your opponents dont have a hope in hell of taking you head-on.

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                                    They tweak too much now.  I stopped using the FAL OSW and going with the AN94 in hopes they don't mess with that.  I guess if people start doing well with that it's going to be downgraded.


                                    When they nerf the AN94 in the next update (you know they just can't resist) the M481 will probably be my next AR.  Who know - so many changes the tactical knife could wind up being the most overpowered weapon by the end of this mess.