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    Are we moving away ?

      I have played cod from the very start and have to say the gameplay has gotten worse,now if that's down to the publishers or the amount of people playing I don't know. but does anyone think its time to jump ship to another fps game ?

      with battlefield 4,destiny,and dust on the way I think we will have a better choice, and now cod might have to up there game.

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          Re: Are we moving away ?

          I'm in the same boat as you. Finest Hour and B.R.O., tinkered on CoD. I'm a Vet of this game and can see the crap that is oozing from the orifices of the bench players that are left in charge. I'm enjoying GoW: Ascension, there will he other games apprehended. Since the firing of the forefathers, this game has hit the "NFL Streets" status in comparison to what it was.

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            Re: Are we moving away ?

            also let's not forget new gen consoles are bringing new games, Destiny seems like it's going to be the COD killer, i also heard BF4 is also coming out, but to me it all comes down to one thing, Dedicated Servers, if Activision can get them for next gen consoles then it will probably save them.

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              Re: Are we moving away ?

              Well, I pretty much just quit CoD for good, unless they do up their game, which is highly doubtful. The game is trash, just as every CoD has been since MW2. My advice, if you want CoD to be improved, leave for a while. There is no better way to get across to Treyarch/IW that you are sick of their BS than to stop giving your money to them. It should improve after they get it into their heads that no one is buying their trash game and they need to make it better. Unless, of course, they are stupid, which is a proven fact.

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                Re: Are we moving away ?

                (wall of text warning)


                There are many reasons why the vets of COD are getting tired and frustrated with the game:

                - matchmaking and lag

                - childish behaviour from newer players

                - lack of originality from the game as a whole (maps, guns)

                - etc...


                But does anyone ever think that maybe, just maybe... in addition to all the above and more... It is you (us, me etc)  that is getting tired simply by the fact we have played the series too long?


                I love pizza, but try eating it every day, 3 meals a day... I would get sick of it. Yeah I may come back and eat again later, but sometimes enough is enough.


                I mean seriously think about this (may or may not apply):


                What are they really going to change about the game? It is COD, a FPS that is built on a working formula.  If they change the game too much, people would complain. If they do not change it enough, other people complain.  Maybe if the game is boring/frustrating you.. it is time to play another game (and maybe come back in a year or two, or go back and play a past title for nostalgia...)


                Having expectations that a new title in the series is going to be revolutionary and entertain you night after night, month after month... is not realistic.


                Just Saying

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                    Re: Are we moving away ?

                    That's exactly where I'm at with CoD.  I still enjoy it but it's the only thing that I've played for the past few years.  I'm considering trying something else along the way just to freshen things up.  I know that I'll come back to CoD.  Heck I might even get the next title but sometimes you just need to do something different in order to get back the excitement.  CoD overall does a great job in providing the type of entertainment that we all love but just like pizza everyday, you need some variety to keep enjoying it as much as you used to.

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                    Re: Are we moving away ?

                    The game is changing, for some better for others worse. Go try other games, there are plenty.

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