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    Black Ops 2 even worse now?

      I don't want to brag but I'm someone who rarely goes negative. Most games about 36-10 rushing but over the past few days I just can't kill anyone. Constantly getting shot 10 feet round corners. Constant host migrations, constantly shooting someone first and then getting turn on and killed in 1 shot, the knife is actually useless, every time I use it it just goes through the enemy, the worst games are when I'm the host.


      Just now I went 0-9 then left and the host migrated. Yes I was the host but couldn't get a kill.


      Not that I care about I'd but it has dropped from 1.94 to 1.9 in the past week.


      Never buying call of duty again. Instead I'll just rent it.


      What a joke this game is. No wonder hardly anybody plays it anymore.