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    EMPs are OP/Broken, does NOT take skill, Proof inside!

      Hey guys,


      So recently there has been an influx of players spamming EMP grenades (but before you disregard this and just say "USE HARDWIRED, EVERYTHING HAS A COUNTER", just read on and watch the clip, its got all the proof you need), it has become more and more obvious just how broken these guys are. The range on them is ridiculous, and thereby awards players for bad aim.


      Here's my point summed up perfectly:




      It's a 19 second clip, just watch where the EMP landed and tell me how that's not insanely broken and rewards piss poor performance, skill and precision.




      I'm using the video as a means of showcasing the ridiculous RANGE on EMPs, to begin the discussion on the fact that:

      1) Firstly, as the video shows, EMPs have ridicuous rnage.

      2) With that kind of range, it rewards players NOT for precision (as you would do when using flash or stuns), but more for just chucking in a random direction and mindlessly throwing them off spawn.

      3) You can EMP yourself, but it goes away INSTANTLY. You CAN'T do that with your other tactical alternatives --> Stuns and Flashes.

      Do you guys see the discussion I'm trying to build here? Please don't focus so much on the video of me getting KILLED by an EMP so far away, focus on what I'm trying to get you guys to think about, which is the risks + rewards of using such a tactical grenade.



      Someone asked for solutions, so I posted this below:



      Regarding solutions:


      1) Reduce the spherical range of EMPs.

      2) If NOT reducing the spherical range of EMPs, then have it be similar to Flash and Stuns, whereby the underlying effect is correlated to distance from explosion to affected player. In other words, the further away the EMP is, the less effect the tac grenade has on the affected player. I.e. -> in this case, less time under effects of EMP.

      3) Self-induced EMPs should affect yourself the same amount of time it would affect an enemy player. The EMP effect should not go away after a split second, just as how self-induced flashes and stuns don't go away right away either.


      Personally I would prefer if EMPs didn't have the ability to go through walls. I know that doesnt make sense given what "EMPs" are supposed to do, but that is besides the point. I think either of those three points above are sufficient in itself.

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