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    Matchmaking fails again

      I just hopped on to try to play a little bit of BO2... Current playercount 9,348   = 10 minutes spent in matchmaking trying to get it to find a match (even with search pref set at 200ms) Leaving, rejoining, trying different modes, etc. - finally get thrown into a game on Hijacked that's almost over on a gametype I don't normally play. (hc tdm) and of course I'm hovering around 108-112ms ping.  Have enough time to run around and get 1 kill before game ends, goes back to lobby and all but 3 people leave. After several minutes of waiting and having people filter in then back out (because they don't want to wait forever) I gave up and quit...


      Hopped on to Black Ops 1... Current playercount 921  = Two servers from my favorites list are populated, one full with 18 players, the other with 14. Instantly am able to join the 2nd server and played 6 consecutive games of my favored gametype. Between 20-40ms ping the entire time, no lag, no troublemakers, no hackers, no griefers, no spawncampers, and no waiting in lobbies.



      When a game that has around 1,000 players allows you to instantly hop into a game of your choosing without any lag problems or wait times, and the newer game has around 10,000 players and requires you to spend more time searching for a game than playing the game, it's beyond clear that their "matchmaking to official servers" garbage has been a complete and total failure.



      I can guarantee, and would bet my life on the fact that if Black Ops 2 had launched with proper rentable servers alongside their current consolized setup, that at least 98% of the community would choose the rented servers.

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          Re: Matchmaking fails again

          Typical example of what happens when a developer pays no attention to the fans of the game on the PC platform and instead only pay attention to the kids who play it on a console.

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              Re: Matchmaking fails again

              Yep, and it just shows how incredibly stupid and money hungry those in charge actually are.


              They could have simply left the PC platform with the same support and modding/mapping tools it has always had. The most ironic thing is they would actually be making MORE money off of the game at this point if they hadn't tried to force the console experience on the PC community.


              Now instead of having a large PC community to help further expand the popularity of the game (both through better gameplay experience and community modding/mapping) they have a rapidly diminishing PC community, and most of them won't pay a dime for the CoD franchise anymore.


              I am so hopeful that the next generation of consoles will not be able to attract enough users for that years CoD title, and that it will be the beginning of the end for Activision. Nothing would be sweeter than to read about Activision going bankrupt and being sold off piece by piece.

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