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    The benefits of combat training and the progress I made after a 2 hour long training session with Veteran bots.



      Hello.  I have been trying to improve my skills at Black Ops 2 lately because I want to become a better player and move away from the cliche image of a girl player.  I usually get anywhere from a barely positive to negative score.  My knowledge in the game is very limited and I have never gone out of my way to experiment with weapons in detail.  I read on the forum that there was a combat training mode available, so I decided to give this a try. 


      My training set up was for a regular core Kill Confirmed match, and the bots were set at a difficulty level of Veteran--the highest.  My map was set to repeat Aftermath, which was a map I was not very fond of.  I must say that the combat training was surprisingly very challenging.  The Veteran bots have precisely accurate aim and some of the sniper bots even take part in some camping which I found frustrating and slightly humorous at the same time.  Some of the things I noticed that were unnatural or strange were things like the manner in which the bots shot and navigated.  When I found a bot shooting at me they usually stood up and still; and functions like crouch or staying on the ground was not as witnessed as frequently as I had imagined.  The way the bots navigated the map seemed repetitive and both enemy and friendly bots tended to run in groups. 


      As I continued playing on combat training mode, I realized that I should never stand in the same spot for long (for fear a bot sniper would kill me) and try to remain in movement throughout the match.  Functions like crouch and laying on the ground became more sensible to me.  I became more aware of my surroundings by listening to bullets, footsteps, the com-cast; and watching my map, peripherals, corners, and death skulls.  Other extras that were previously underutilized by myself like weapon choices, perks, attachments, and score streaks became things I was experimenting with.


      Despite all this, during the training matches I was usually at the bottom of the leaderboard with only a few amount of kills.  I decided to give myself a 'go' at a multiplater match to see if there was any actual difference in my skill (or score).  I was surprisingly excited that the map I was put into for my first multiplayer Core Kill Confirmed match was Aftermath.  At the end of the match I was able to get a positive score of 17-10.  A typical score for myself, previous to this match would have been something similar to 8-18.  Perhaps, I was on a 'good' team or the enemy team was 'bad'.  In any case, for me to get a positive score of 17-10 could only be explained by luck or better skill.  This is the video of my very first match after my, almost, two hour session of combat training.  I did notice a huge improvement in my awareness and movement through the map.  You may see that my looking is not as sporadic as many new/not so good players are.