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    Does the AN94 make your list of top 5 ARs all time? (long winded post)

      I have been thinking about this for awhile.  It started when I created a new account due to not wanting my PM emblem anymore but not having the balls to do the "fresh start" since I have nearly every primary gold.


      So as I am moving my way back up from lvl1 and once again using weapons I hadnt used since I golded them I was missing my AN94 class often. I use ARs 8/10 matches and the AN is my most used gun.  I finally unlocked the SCAR and set it up.  Relatively speaking it is a good AR and I have a class on my PM account with it set up so I do enjoy the gun and do pretty good with it.  I also had a SMR class set up (no SF) which is amazing but the whole semi-auto is a different mindset and I am not always in the mood for that.  Then I hit lvl55 with my new account and set up my AN class.  That is when I realized how bad ass of a gun it really is.  TTK is fast especially at range, and I acually like how it recoils since it moves me generally upward.  Its irons are great so primary gunfighter gets me 3 usefull attachments.


      Anyway sorry for the long set up but I am curious where you avid AR users put the AN94 all time.  I only started playing with bops1 so you long time vets are going to have a completely different list and probably shake your heads at mine.  I am also putting guns on my list that I didnt like or use very much but that were obviously dominant, possibly even OP, guns.


      #1a.  Bops1 Famas.  Everyone used it and everyone hated it.  As good at cqc as the subs and great range.  Definately tied for #1 IMO.


      #1b.  MW3 ACR.  I tried to never use the gun since everyone else did but it outclassed every gun in MW3 throughout the lifespan of the game.


      #3.  Bops1 Galil.  Had to be nearly tied with the Famas for usage.  Great iron sites, great recoil, and very little damage change with a suppressor.


      #4.  AN94.  Personally I put this one at the top as it just fits me but generally speaking it is not dominant like the others (3arch nailed gun balance with bops2)


      #5.  MW3 Ak47.  Probably stretching putting this one in what is supposed to be an honest top 5 but a lot of people really liked the gun myself included so I put it in there..


      I wanted to put MW3's Mk14 on here since I loved it but I was trying to be honest without using favoritism.  Haa..


      So what does your list look like?  Does the AN94 make your top 5?