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    So if you don't use Twitter -----

      And there is never any info posted on these forums except from the odd link or copy and pasted insert. I personaly dislike social networking sites, like tweeter and facebook. If I wonted to give every indentity frauster all my details, there is no better place to get that information than a networking site. So how am I or others like me suppose to know what is going on in game ?

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          Re: So if you don't use Twitter -----

          Most information posted to COD twitter accounts originates or links to the forums. For example: NEWS (link in the header above your post) or Game Updates (there is a sticky at the top of each platform subform that has notes about game updates).  There is also the FEED that has video content and social media sites like Twitter directly embedded in it. So you don't have to make an account to view the content.


          I keep those two sections bookmarked and receive email notifications of new posts. Keeps me up to date.

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            Re: So if you don't use Twitter -----

            One does not have to give factual information when creating a social media account either. Twitter is pretty open about what it does and there are many accounts that do not feature actual details or information about someone.


            As JeepChick stated, most if not all information is posted here or originates here. I'm willing to wager that 90% of all major announcements from @Treyarch or @DavidVonderhaar are posted on our site within minutes if not seconds.


            You may not like social media, but it is definitely possible to exist in an information age without publicly displaying all of your information. Social media and social interaction is also the way of the future. I would learn to adapt and become savvy now.

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