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    What Do These Achievements/Badges/Medals Mean and Why Are They There?

      So..occasionally while playing BO2 I will get certain in-game achievement badges (ex. bloodthirsty medal) that instead of having their normal..icon? have odd things such as what appear to be crossed Hellstorm Missiles or a plain navy blue badge with the Grim Reaper guy on it. I'm not sure why this is or what they are for. Anyone know what they mean?


      I must thank Germanic Mexican for reminding me about this. He replied to a post with a 12 Consecutive Kill video that contained a reaper badge upon a bloodthirsty. Maybe you can repost it on here for reference if you see this post.






      On a sidenote..

      There are also the "Call in [X amount] Scorestreaks" achievements that pop up randomly in matches. I assume that these are measures for streaks called in different game modes, but other than what pops up in-game, there is no way to view these. If that were added it would be nice. It would be cool to see various stats like that and track my own progress. I don't know if the other systems can see such things on like elite or anything since I only have this version.

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