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    Are those that don't upgrade to the next Xbox doomed

      There as been untold thread on these forums about problems with this game. I won't go into them all as there common knowledge by now and that's not what the post is about. As this game now stand it seems to push the limit of what the Xbox and the connection between them can do. The infrastructure is being pushed to the limit and due to things like no beta testing, online play only being tested in Lan strictly controlled situation and no consideration taken into account of different Internet providers and speeds. What has the future to hold ?


      Well if that's the situation now and taking into account the next COD is unboundedly going to launch with or very near after the new Xbox to maximize sales. What hopes have the old Xbox players got of a working and playable version of the game. And by that I don't mean the developers interpretation of that idea. The next Xbox is of a much higher spec that will supports faster and quicker game play. Something myself and many others on these forums feel is ruining and causing lots of problems. Now if the game is being designed in that direction and the old Xbox is having problems due to the age of components now. imagine it trying to compete and stay with the next level of coding.


      I very much doubt that the new xbox and the old will be playable online together due to the difference but people are going to wont to play the new COD on the old system at the same pace and level as the new console can. And I don't think that will be possible. At the moment the differences in the console markets is very slight but the new Xbox and PS4 will be very much more advanced. So if the new COD is designed around the new Xbox and it abilities. What is the chances of it performing on the old. I'd like to hear people views. Do you think it will be possible or are you going to be left with very little choice but to upgrade to play the NEW COD's of the future.

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          I don't think the New COD will be released for the New Xbox. The numbers won't be there! If it is released for the new Xbox it will be a port from the older code! - I am probably wrong, just my 2 cents.

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              Yer very logical point but I feel there is a market to take advantage of the new Xbox launch and there be looking for a game to advertise it's true potential. I don't know a lot about the new xbox games in development but I think even in this recession the sale are going to a lot more than predicted by us gamers. Wouldn't shock me to see a COD launched with the console as an advertising ploy.

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                I tend to see it the other way around. I disagree that the numbers not being there is problematic. It's likely to be a launch title, just like Call of Duty 2 was for the 360, and there will be fewer players since it's a launch title and so many will be trying to get the console, so the demand will be as strong as ever.


                They're not going to miss the hype of the launch of new consoles, especially when people have been asking for a new engine and experience with Call of Duty. The next two Call of Duties are probably two of the most important ones for the franchise's continuation of success. The next generation of consoles is their chance to reestablish themselves as likely the top selling FPS for a while, because if they were to make the mistake of porting 360 code to the next generation or not going all out, Battlefield 4, Destiny, Respawn's game, etc. are waiting to take advantage of the next gen now and take the top spot, which can definitely happen (the past two Xbox's have had Halo then Call of Duty at the top, so if Call of Duty doesn't step up, it could be taken down)

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                I think what you're getting at is you think tons of people will want to play the new xbox games on the OLD one? That won't work. You probably will be able to play the old games on the NEW box, but I think that might be out of the question regarding the reviews.


                you can never play new stuff on old systems, same with programs. Updated versions will open old files, but not vice-versa.

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                    NO m8 sorry I couldn't of made my self clear. Both separate systems and games. People will exspect the old Xbox and the NEXT cod designed for that to run at the same pace and speed as the new console and cod. But it wont be possible due to component's.


                    If the new version on Xbox 720 (think that's it's name) allows for the same level of game play or faster than now. Will they be able to lower the level of coding for the old system to allow the same pace of game. I don' think so.

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                    I'm ditching the 360 the day the new one comes out. I'm sure MW4 will be on both platforms too.

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                      If history repeats  will be released on black Friday.

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                        Honestly, I think the new consoles will flop if they move to the "always on" connection thing in order to play your games. So this may be a nonfactor as mandatory internet connection to play your games is highly invasive to console gamers and would get rejected by a good portion of gamers. Gaming on the 360 is satisfactory to me in it's current state, and even with the new hardware, I don't think the new consoles will take us into a new era of gaming when it comes to graphics and such. You will still have the same internet connection you had on the 360 so I wouldn't anticipate a huge improvement on the online gameplay.


                        Last year, a couple of times I was home gaming, my net went out and I played through the story line to get by. If that capability is removed, I just wouldn't buy the console. Hell, I may even decide I want an internet free home as some people don't care for it or cable TV.


                        With soo many things still up in the air and undecided for both PS4 and Xbox 720, it's still very early in the game to start making sweeping assumptions.


                        I personally think that the Xbox 360 will continue to carry it's own weight for a long time to come. At the very least, fully supported for another year.

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                            The PS4 basically confirmed that it won't be always connected to the internet to work (either that or they left out that huge bit at their reveal lol), and the Xbox one was a rumor that I highly doubt, unless they just want to give the PS4 the victory for this generation before it even starts lol


                            And there's more to better online experiences than your own network connection. That's part of the reason why so many people even on this forum get upset about the netcode issues. The system being stronger, more memory, etc. in general will mitigate a lot of the issues.


                            And from what I've seen so far, we're definitely heading into a new era with graphics and such. Closer to photorealism, and what I'm also noticing and expecting are for textures to be more realistic, the lighting to be better/dynamic, the animations to be smoother, etc.


                            Seems kind of like some people are downplaying the next generation because of reluctance to let go of this one or something along those lines, but there isn't much need to worry in my opinion, the next generation should be great, and the current generation will likely receive support for a few years even. It's not like our current Xboxes are going to stop working. I'm keeping mine too

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                                Well said and I agree totally.  I have 3 360's (Halo 4, MW3 and the Star Wars one) and I'll probably keep them all.  The Halo 4 one is mine and the other two are for my kids.  I'll only be able to afford one system at launch so they will need something to play lol.


                                Yah I can't wait to see what's in store for us.  I'm not a big sony fan so I'm not even worried about the ps4 at all.  I hope the MS reveal event is much better than what sony did, but I'm not to worried about it as I simply prefer MS's O/S's and software and how much better it has always been vs. what sony has done (and well didn't do).  But it's all about what you prefer. 


                                As for the online only thing?  I doubt it as well as there really is no point in doing that for everything.  If the internet and isp's were up 100% of the time, then sure.  But we all know it's not even close to that right now and they would shoot themselves in the foot if they did require it.

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                              There is a Next Gen CoD being worked on but I don't know if it will be a launch game or not.  Transition periods are hard for dev's because they know that not everyone will be getting the new hardware right away so they have to keep releasing stuff for the current gen systems.


                              Eventually they will stop producing old gen stuff and move full on next gen as it's to costly to keep an old platform into the mix for very long.  Do you mean that the 360 game will suffer vs. the next gen version of the game?  Sure, it won't have some of the newer stuff but they will have a team building just the 360 version without next gen features so you wont even notice what was supposed to be there.


                              Trust me, they have hundreds of people working on these games.  My only worry is that there will be copy n paste code from current CoD's in the next gen CoD and I don't want that.  I want a super crisp, very well animated and looking CoD where bombs n the like blow apart walls and floors, leave marks on surfaces, allow you to run into buildings and knock over desks (ie. move crap around instead of it being a solid object that can't have anything happen to it).


                              I of course want next gen game too look amazing, but I'm more about the interactivity with the gaming world, effects and animation.  I no longer want to be blocked out of a room by a chair that I can't seem to get around for the life of me in a game lol.

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                                    Oh by your other comments. I'm pretty close to being done buying games myself as I'd rather just save up for the next gen stuff.  I'm playing Tomb Raider (fantastic game btw) but am skipping the next Gears game this time around.


                                    Getting Lego and Need for Speed for the Wii U and I think that's it for the rest of the year.  I'd rather have the money to buy a bunch of stuff at launch then to get one game wishing I had several lol.  I really hope the next BF and CoD are something pretty special with world maniuplation and interaction, that is the stuff I really enjoy and got a small taste of with BF3.

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                                    There are rumors it's going to be 4 to 6 X faster than the current version and run a new UI designed to be an all round entertainment system over that of a game console. Was a bit worried to read games are going to be £70 a time and due to entering a cod they will be unless 2nd hand. But there 100's of rumors. Also I've read it's not going to be as expensive as current consoles on launch, if the game pricing is correct, this could be a reason. Sell the console cheaper, so it becomes popular and makes the old redundant sooner. There by saving on development and make the cash deficit up though games and DLC etc.

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                                        Yah, way to many rumors but from what I have heard from a lot of people, they think MS (maybe sony too) will find a way to release cheap but make it back on other services which makes sense.  From everything that I have seen, there has been no mention of games going up in price, though we just wont know until more actual REAL info is released later on.


                                        It's why I have been saying for a long time now that sony can't keep the free psn because with all of the media stuff they are planning on doing, it's going to cost a buttload to keep the servers going 24/7 not to mention streaming this that and the other.  I have never minded paying for XBL, have been paying for it since it came out (I was in the beta progam all those years ago).  I'm interested to see what how MS is changing XBL for the future (they have to be taking notes from thier competition), but most importantly, I can't wait to see how the everything else is integrated.


                                        Good stuff incoming, I just hate waiting!

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                                              Thanks.  I don't listen to Patcher much, that dude is never correct with any of his predictions.  However yes, I wouldn't be surprised if prices do go up a bit, but I think you will see more emphisis on DLC then up front price hikes.  Could be totally wrong though, but the way the economy is and how gaming in general has been down a bit as of late, I'm not sure how much they will want to up the prices.


                                              I do know that dev's don't make much off of game sales (to many hands involved) which is why if a game doesn't sell 4m copies it's a "failure" and threatens studios lives.  I also think with the digtal download shift, they should do a small discount (since lets face it, there is no physical product) to entice people to download which will make them a lot more profit vs. retail stores.  But of course they have to watch it as they can't afford to alienate retail stores either as they are still very viable in pushing software.


                                              The industry is in a strange state of change and it's hard to predict where things are going until it happens.  Good link though and thanks again

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                                        Last time this happened there was an Xbox title and an Xbox 360 title.


                                        Call of Duty 2: Big Red One - Treyarch + other Devs


                                        Call of Duty 2 - Infinity Ward


                                        I'm hoping for something different. I'd like for there to be a 360 release with an optional High Res update for the new Xbox hardware. Would be nice.

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                                          Everyone is going to rush for the 720 just like they ditched the OG Xbox for the 360, remember how quickly people flamed the 360 for red rings and such? It took me 2 yrs before i bought a 360 maybe i will only wait a year for the 720 but I am certainly not going to be one of the first lab rats to throw away 500 dollars on a console that will probably have as many bugs and issues as the iphone.

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                                            Just to make a small point, its takes two years for them to make one of these CODs. The hardware has to be available to these compainies for them to be able to make the games, at least to some extent.  Ive seen links to these companies hiring for next gen consoles, but only over the last 6 mo or so.... Might not see it this year...at least on 720

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                                              Most likely the new 720 will be released at the same time as the next CoD - it is afterall the biggest game release of the year.


                                              Given that the next CoD will be designed to be played on the next-gen console the current 360 will either not be able to play the new CoD at all, or very poorly.