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    Zero x Hype (Xbox 360) HypeGaming (Ps3) Mainly Sniping Recruiting Apply Now!!

      HypeGaming(Ps3)/Zero x Hype(Xbox)



      Hype is a Uk/Us based PS3 & Xbox clan which offers people a fun gaming experience. This clan participates in clan ops/challenges as much as possible.

      Currently has a good start and will be leveling up at a rapid pace. We regularly give ACTIVE members small monthly prizes like lovefilm trials, netflix trials amazon vouchers and others. We do a raffle and then message the player who won. The most recent winner was Bartek2101who recived a £10 amazon voucher. The clan also likes to just party up  and have a couple games of zombies. Our favourite map is town. But we have recently started enjoying Farm. We also have Gold Clan tag.HYGG

      Zero x Hype is our Newley Created Xbox version.

      We need a boost for this side so there are no requrments at the moment



      • Ps3 Name:HypeGaming
      • Xbox Name:Zero x Hype
      • Members PS3: 32
      • Members Xbox:1 (Started Today
      • Gold Clan Tag:HYGG
      • Clan Battles Won:9
      • Clan Battles Lost:2


      Requirements For HypeGaming (Ps3 side)

      • You need to atleast be 13
      • Need a 1.00k/d (We can still accept people with slightly lower kd's)
      • Need a 300+spm
      • Need to have at least 1 gold gun.
      • And needs to know how to have fun.


      Thats pretty much it. There are also some upcoming clan ops/challenges coming up so you better join fast for the mayhem.

      Add/Message the clan leader BeastImpact On PS3 for more information. And AddEternalKnight99 On xbox For more info. Link to clan HQ




      Our New Youtube Channel Up For 3 days: http://www.youtube.com/user/CodHypeGaming/featured


      Our Montage Promo/Intro: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xf5vmGJpXBU


      Our Newest Video :