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    ADS camera-lock (the problem defined) - wiimote discussion

      I have very little confidence that without lots of prodding and fussing Treyarch is going to fix the problem that wiimotes have with ADS. This topic is here to define the problem and provide a solution.


      I'm assuming that when CoD was originally conceived on the Wii that the developers assumed that most players would be aiming their cursors within a large static deadzone. The camera-lock that takes place when a wiimoter ADS's makes since within this context. However, most wiimoters today play with a very small or nonexistent deadzone. This means that they are aiming their cursor within a floating camera. This can be done, but it requires camera movement to be fluid and predictable. When a wiimoter ADS's in the context of a nonexistent deadzone the camera-lock that takes place is jarring; even worse, the wiimoter is forced to shake or move their cursor very deliberately to cancel camera-lock and regain control of the camera. All of this makes tracking, acquiring, and often reacquiring targets difficult and time consuming.


      The solution in my opinion is to have camera speed smoothly transition between hip-fire rotation speed and ADS rotation speed during the ADS animation, with no camera-lock occurring at all. This will make following a target during this transition much easier and removes the need to deliberately cancel the camera-lock when full ADS has occurred.


      This camera-lock problem has been with CoD *in some form or another* since its inception on the Wii. I'd like to see it resolved once and for all with BO2. I'm sure I'm not the only player to buy a Wii U with the sole intent of playing CoD with a wiimote and this problem is in my opinion the largest problem currently plaguing the wiimote control scheme.




      ADS camera-lock is a problem and without fussing Treyarch is unlikely to fix it.