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    Golden/Prestiged remote choice player/ Gun stats Thread:

      I'm not the best but I'm not the worst either -


      Controller: 100% Wii Mote


      Time Played: 5d 8h 29m 47s


      Prestige: 4



      Well it's not much of a Golden list as I only have a Golden PDW.


      Prestiged guns so far:



      SCORPION Prestiged twice

      PDW Prestiged twice

      LSAT Prestiged twice

      FAL-OSW Prestiged once



      B23R Prestiged once



      This is the first game of the series where I have prestiged a few times and still have an interest in the game and being able to max out and prestige guns is a great idea and it has been done very well IMO, I only get a few hours per night to clock in some good scores before being too tired - I think the multi team weekend was amazing.