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    Treyarch TDM racism


      Is it me or does it seem like Treyarch is purposely trying to sabotage TDM in Black Ops 2? (across all systems)


      Every step of the way it seems to be getting worse and worse. Since launch all of the scorestreaks were disproportionately valued compared to the other modes. Like the Counter UAV being a 6 killstreak or the Stealth Chopper being 11 for example. To make matters worse, they INCREASED the UAV from a 4 killstreak to a 5 killstreak and on top of that the UAV isn't even as good as the 3 killstreak one in past games because it's more visible/flies lower so it's much easier to shoot down.



      They also ruined the Mercenary playlist by including Domination in it so you're forced to play against party p*****s if you just want to play TDM and now Treyarch isn't even doing equal fixes for TDM. On the recent Xbox patch they fixed the spawns for a bunch of modes on Hijacked but NOT TDM. The TDM spawns on Hijacked are just as bad but they don't care.



      Am I just imaging things? It really seems like Treyarch is going out of their way to **** TDM. Especially when complaints about other modes were rectified within a few weeks after launch yet nothing has been done for TDM besides making it worse. Like SND players on other systems complained about low XP....it got fixed in a few weeks.....objective players complained about UAV spam.....they fixed it within a few weeks by increasing UAV score and screwing TDM over in the process.....Xbox league play players complain about DLC maps being in their playlist....fixed in a day. TDM players complain....nothing.